Monday, November 27, 2006

Careful What You Wish For!

As I was driving back to the airport this morning to return the rental car and head "home" to New York, I thought, "I have really had a good trip -- I wish I didn't have to go back just yet!"

Well, my flight was so delayed that I would have missed my connection, so they sent me back to my mom's house. Now I have a redeye with a connection in Atlanta. Oh, joy.


Jess said...

Sorry for the flight problems, but we're glad to have you back in New York!

Luke said...

Did you make it?

We still need to meet up for coffee or some such treat my tall, blond friend.

little-cicero said...

I'm somewhat saddened at the fact that you're putting "home" in quotation marks. Does that imply a longing for more time together with your family? I hate to pry (Actually I love to pry, but I hate to offend).

Andy said...

Oh, LC, please, you love to offend, LOL. That's why you come here. :P

Yes, I can announce that I have identified leaving New York for the west coast as a definite long-range goal. Doesn't necessarily mean Portland, but family concerns are definitely a factor in my thinking.

little-cicero said...

I am sort of the blogosphere's combination of Don Rickles and Socrates.