Saturday, March 08, 2008

Still Here

I'm still around. All is well.

Frantic week at work; just haven't had anything on my mind worth blogging about. ("What else is new?" some might say.)

I'm off to a seven hour meditation today.



Elizabeth said...

Seven hours! We're doing a silent retreat on Monday, as the beginning of our Lent in the Greek Orthodox church, but it won't be 7 hours, but about 3 hours of silence, plus a healing service at the beginning. We've done this once before and it was a great way to start Lent.

little-cicero said...

It's refreshing to hear from you.

What is the sound of one hand clapping?

Jess said...

A seven hour meditation? That must leave you with quite a feeling of peace!

Anonymous said...

Still Here

I'm glad.

The Law Fairy said...

Wow, 7 hours. I am impressed. My parish is doing an all-night vigil on Maundy Thursday and has a sign-up for people to attend for part or all of it. I've never been to a church before that does anything like that -- it sounds really cool!

Best of luck with work! Boy do I feel your pain there. Like my life has just slipped away these past few months...