Thursday, September 22, 2011

Argh and stuff

I thought this would be easier - maybe just logging on for even ten minutes every couple of days and jotting something down. I am still pretty disciplined in my prayer life, but especially after a full work day trying to fit in some exercise, 30-45 minutes (or an hour, sometimes...) for keeping the Office, not to mention running errands, doing chores, keeping up with my volunteer commitments and also attempting to have something resembling a life, it is hard to fit in time to sit and be intentional in this way.

Maybe I should try harder, though. I am feeling very confused right now. Argh.


Jess said...

Post whenever you like. I'll read it! :)

Gino said...

i disagree with jess. you should post often.
i miss our tit for tat of the days past.

and hey, it was coolest of all meeting you last week. wish i'd done years ago.


Jess said...

Oh, Gino, anything to say, "I disagree with Jess." :)

hesteronopothia said...

Your blog is -- and for years, has been -- incredible!

Perhaps some clarity to the confusion can be found in your thoughts from July 7th: "Maybe less discipline is good discipline ... I'm needing a break from responsibilities and commitments, more flexibility, more fun, more me-centered time ... I have a sense that God is calling me to a healthier physical life."