Saturday, February 11, 2006

Hotness on a Snowy Night

I was going to go on the blarg hop tonight, but after balancing my checkbook this afternoon and realizing I have about enough money for a pack of gum, I decided perhaps it would be best to stay in and watch TV. I ended up watching The Graduate, which, believe it or not, I had never seen before.

I didn't really care for it. It was kind of weird. And boring, in parts.


Oooof, young Dustin Hoffman? Hello.


Quinn said...

Ah, yes, hotness from unexpected places. I remember watching "The Sound of Music" as an adult and finally realizing that Christopher Plummer was a BABE.

chiron said...

How can you not love Mrs. Robinson? The brilliant Anne Bancroft plays the poisonous viper as a wounded enigma who almost gained my sympathy when she exposed the core of her being (a demi-sophisticated middle class debutante with a grandiose fantasy of artistic self-expression is crushed and burned by a dissatisfying five minutes of
cheap and obscene sex, in an economy car, and the consequences: a loveless marriage, functional neuroses, and alienation among the common, shallow, and anaesthetized
corporate horde). Or did she? She may just have been a narcissist.

chiron said...

And one more hottie from the annals of the past: Roddy McDowell. He was a total babe in That Darn Cat! LOL

Andy said...

Actually I was just noticing Roddy in "Cleopatra," which was on TCM last week. He's kinda "gay," for my tastes, but yeah...I'd do him. ; )

As far as Mrs. Robinson -- I'm sorry, I'm just not down with anyone who can be that manipulative and cruel to a hot, corruptible boy. He deserved so much better.