Friday, February 17, 2006

I Have Beheld The Future

I had an unexpected experience this morning.

I scanned my own groceries.

Yes, here in humble Beaverton, Oregon, I beheld a sociological and technological advance that is probably decades ahead of New York City, assuming it would even be possible there.

At first I was intimidated. I felt nervous, thinking, "Am I really supposed to be doing this?" But there were no checkers in sight, just scanning stations all set up with touch-screens, shopping bags, and an ATM. It was amazing.

My first time scanning groceries, and already I'm better at it than the girls at my Associated back in Manhattan who've been doing it for years. Swipe, beep, swipe, beep, swipe, beep, total, done. I now have even less respect for them than I did before. It is as easy as I thought it was.


Matthew said...

But do you get dental coverage for that?

little-cicero said...

As a liberal, you must despair at the loss of a job for every machine that replaces a grocery checker. Do you not?

If so, you're a cold hearted capitalist like me, putting faith in the free market to work things out.

Matt said...

Hate to burst your bubble, but there's several grocery stores in NYC with the self-scan express lanes (ex. The Food Emporium at Union Square).

Andy said...

Oh, okay. It's just Washington Heights that sucks.

Esther said...

U-Scans are so much fun. If you tell it to talk in Spanish everyone stares at you like you're crazy or something.

little-cicero said...

Ay caramba!
Te gusta papel o plastico?
I wonder if there are more self-scan machines in Red States or Blue States.

Jon said...

They have the self-checkout at Homo Depot on Third and 58th, too. It's one of the many fabulous things about shopping there.