Monday, March 26, 2007

Battlestar Shocker!

WARNING: This post contains absolutely no spoilers.

So the Cylons are into Bob Dylan, is that it? Sure, makes perfect sense.


Mark G. said...

Saul is probably into Dylan.

What did you think of the new cylons?

Andy said...

I think they are mistaken about who they are; I think there is another explanation.

Jeff said...

Well, that's what I thought as well until I read this.

Jade said...

:) Funny, I was thinking of the Jimi Hendrix version myself. I really didn't like that song being so overly used in the end of the ep, it brought it way too far into present Earth time. Reminds me that horrible movie that was supposed to be medieval, but kept going into moderm music. Yuck.

I am interested in seeing where the back story of these new cylons though.

Andy said...

See, I have always thought that BSG takes place in the present day. I have also always wondered if there is not some significance that the Colonials are polytheists and that the majority of earth's residents today are monotheists like the Cylons.

I am curious about that song. I read over the lyrics, but nothing stood out to me as particularly relevant or enlightening. A mystery. I hope it's brilliant.

Anyway, it's now given me a goal with a timeline for my new life in Portland: must have cable tv by January.

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Jade said...

I suppose it is supposed to be our present day, but where would the Cylons be picking up Earth music from? (although if you want to get that geeky technical about it, how is it they speak English, right?) It just struck me as too pop culture - I've always enjoyed how the references similar to ours have been based in Greek mythology, and that we have evolved separately from the 13 colonies - bringing Jimi (or Bob) into an ep was just too Earhy for me. But maybe I'm spoiled by Stargate & the way they find civilizations in various stages of evolution throughout the years.

Very interesting point about the theology... what will they think, traveling all this way to find Earth only to realize that the humans they are looking for agree more with the cylons?

The lyrics...
"Outside in the cold distance
A wild cat did growl
Two riders were approachin
And the wind began to howl"

"No reason to get excited
The thief he kindly spoke
There are many here among us
Who feel that life is but a joke "
The new cylons?

I'm curious to see how the 4 react to the known cylons now... will they be more understanding, or is there a specific reason why the final 5 were hidden from common knowledge and that's why they fought against the known cylons with such passion?

Definately not the Battlestar we knew as kids. :)

Andy said...

but where would the Cylons be picking up Earth music from?

Well, there is one remaining mystery Cylon. And there is one mysterious character -- whom I recently identified as a prime Cylon suspect -- who just happened to have claimed in the final 20 seconds of the season finale that she'd found Earth.