Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday Photo Blogging: Happy First Birthday, Rocky & Starbuck!

Today Rocky and Starbuck celebrate their first birthday. Okay, okay, fine, they actually have no idea. I'm celebrating it. They've certainly grown in the nine months since I got them for my birthday! These guys are so much fun; they have such great, distinct personalities and quirks. They are super affectionate and very talkative. Our six-day journey across the United States is going to be quite an adventure.

The promised video is not quite ready; keep checking back, and hopefully we'll have that up on YouTube soon!

They get along so well; they are often snuggling together on the bed or the sofa, or sitting next to each other like this on the window sill, meowing at the pigeons.

Starbuck can be a little moody.

My bud, Rocky.

I think this is basically what goes on when I'm not home.

Below are shots of the kind of shenanigans you'll see in the video. We have this toy, generously given to the cats over Thanksgiving by their beloved Uncle JP, that they absolutely go crazy for. I don't normally advertise on my blog, but this thing is called "Da Bird." It's just feathers on a string at the end of something like a fishing pole, but they go nuts for it. If you have active cats and you're looking for a great toy, I highly recommend it.

No, I am not throwing my cats up in the air and taking pictures of them. They just go flying for this silly toy. Rocky likes to rocket straight up into the air -- he can get to about five feet off the ground.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Super Starbuck! Look at that form! I gave it a 10, but the judge back there on the sofa only gave it an 8.5.

Rocky, precariously balanced on the banister. It's one of his favorite spots. He likes to sit there and meow at me in the morning. Don't forget to check back soon for Rocky & Starbuck on YouTube!
Note: photos 2, 5, 6 & 7 courtesy of "Uncle JP," who is also our videographer -- a very special thank you to him!

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Jefferson said...

I think our cats look a little similar, but my Dean is lazy:
- J