Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Eight Secrets

The sexiest math teacher in the history of the world has tagged me with a meme: eight things no one knows about me.

Goodness. I'm such an open book, it's hard to think of things people don't know about me...unless I've kept them secret for a reason. Oh yes, there's fascinating, salacious stories from my past (and last week) that would just rip that halo off your mental image of me, but (a) my mother reads my blog and (b) I'm presently looking for work and even though I believe this blog is no longer easily findable (is that a word?) by Googling my name, it's best not to tempt fate. So in an attempt to comply, here are 8 harmless things about me that very few people know.

1. I failed math my senior year of high school. Wish I'd had Glenn! Then I might actually have, you know, gone to class. (There's a concept.)

2. Related to the story below about me being the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland: it was the tradition at the final performance for the parents of the leads to bring them flowers at the curtain call. My mother brought me a dozen carrots, neatly wrapped in a bow.

3. There is at least one person who at least occasionally checks in with my blog who can verify the above account. She played the Cheshire Cat, though I am sure if I ever brought that up in her presence she would hurt me. Does anyone from your elementary school read your blog?

4. The only person I think I could even remotely claim as a "girlfriend" also reads my blog.

5. I broke my back at the age of 7 when a "friend" pushed me off the top of a slide.

6. Either today or tomorrow, I'm hanging out with the girl who played The Narrator in Alice in Wonderland to celebrate her birthday.

7. I came out to a few select friends at the age of 16 when we were hanging out one night in someone's hot tub. They thought I was kidding.

8. Back before I had any sort of political awareness (I believe it was 1997), I did a temp stint for a couple of weeks as Neil Cavuto's executive assistant at FoxNews while the regular chick went on vacation. I did such a bang-up job that they called me back later that summer to assist Roger Ailes.

Now, I'm going to be EVIL and tag some more people:

LawFairy (girlfriend, you need to post more often, maybe this will help)

Splenda in the Grass

Quinn the Brain

(just 'cuz I want stories)

Little Cicero (just 'cuz I want a blogpost from him that doesn't require research to respond to)


little-cicero said...

Ha! Considering the number of times I do research for this blog's discussions, I am flattered and tickled!

Quinn said...

Damn, I've been tagged twice for this. I guess it's time I do it.

Gino said...

i tagged you a while back and you didnt play.
so now you tag others???

Andy said...

Oh...I probably missed that you had tagged me.

Gino said...

it's cool, pal...
i shouldnt have tagged you during the week after your move.
yeah... but timing.

The Law Fairy said...

Hahaha, oh no, you got me!

Well, I am trying to blog again. So I will do this one soon :)

Jess said...

Wish I'd had Glenn!

You're not supposed to "have" your math teacher, although I suppose that's one way to get an A.

And thanks a lot for tagging me! :P Actually, I don't know what secrets I have at this point--I pretty much tell anyone anything they want to know... but I'll see if I can think of some.

Jade said...

3. Yes, Quinn reads my blog (although she's a year older)

I've always wanted to ask you, who did you come out to anyway? I've always wondered how I managed to miss that whole thing.

little-cicero said...

I don't have a problem with coming out to a group of close friends, but it strikes me as perhaps excessively awkward to do it in a hot tub. Why, of all the moments you could have come out, did you choose that moment!

Well, actually, it sounds like something I would do (If I was gay) as I would certainly absorb with maximum enjoyment the humor of the situation. But assuming that wasn't your purpose, WHY!

The Law Fairy said...

little-cicero, as a straight woman who has dated and/or been pursued by her share of straight men, I can assure you that in the universe of inopportune moments men have chosen to make bold proclamations pertaining to sex and sexuality, Andy's was nowhere near the most awkward or uncomfortable.

Jess said...

I still haven't thought of things I can post. :( I'm just not much for keeping secrets. I tend to share just about everything. Still, if I manage to come up with some, I'll follow through!