Thursday, June 07, 2007

Officially an Oregonian

I got my new driver's license today. It felt sad surrendering my New York State license...there was some caché, I think, to having one. I only missed one question on the test, which I think is pretty good for someone who's been riding a subway for the last 14 years and didn't study beforehand. (I missed the question about how far before an intersection you should use your turn signal; I said 50 feet, the answer is 75. Eh.) There was one odd question about if you're on a rural road and there's a horse and rider ahead and the rider raises his hand, what does this mean? One of the choices was, "There are cows ahead." When aren't there cows ahead?

I also registered to vote. Hillary Clinton is officially no longer my senator. Hurray!


Matthew said...

I hope I get to keep my Beirut license when/if I ever get out of here. I'm sure you did better on the test than I will.

Andy said... went back?!?!?!? : (

Elizabeth said...

Man, you and my husband. I read the whole book, took the self-test, figured out what I answered wrong, etc. I don't remember my score but my husband walked in there and took it and scored better than me. Just like in college. :-P

Mark said...

Congratulations on your move to Oregon! In the past year, I've had these amazing changes. My boyfriend (my first ever) and I will celebrate our one year anniversary (since we first met) in two weeks. In January, I got a new job in Chicago's loop: I'm soooo looking forward to hearing the symphony and symphony chorus performing outdoors this summer after work in Millenium Park. And in May, I got a new apartment: bigger, cleaner. Coming soon, I'll get my home computer reconnected and resurrect my undead blog. Congratulations again and more soon!