Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Life on the E-List

The polling company Zogby regularly sends me its surveys; usually it's of a political nature, asking me questions like, "If the election for President were held today and the choices were between Rudy Giuliani and suicide, which would you choose?" They always ask me to rate President Bush, too, and I'm dying to ask them if they can come up with an option beyond "poor." My digital camera performs "poorly"; President Bush is a catastrophe.

Anyway, in the most recent survey, they asked some interesting questions about my attitudes toward romantic relationships and morality, e.g., "Do you consider swinging cheating?" Then -- I suppose to put my answers in some kind of context -- they asked, "What is your current relationship status?"

a) married and monogamous
b) married, but multiple sexual partners
c) single, but monogamously dating
d) single, with multiple sexual partners
e) I have no sexual partners right now


Okay, so, I've been in Oregon now for seven months. I have a job and an apartment. Is it just me, or is it about time I went on a date?

I'm not necessarily talking about "Mr. Right," here -- though I'm definitely not talking about "Mr. Right Now Please Send Photo of Your Wang w/Stats," either. I'm looking for "Mr. Coffee or Cocktail and Maybe a Movie and then Maybe...".

The question is: how to meet such a person?


Jarred said...

If you figure out the answer to that question, please let me know!

Jeff said...

Aren't there personals websites in Portland?

DJRainDog said...

Really, Andy.

Gino said...

"The question is: how to meet such a person?"


Andy said...

DJ: I'm trying to keep my blog family-friendly, here.

Gino: My problem is not determining who's gay. Please, girlfriend, you can't swing a lesbian in this town without hitting a gay man. The issue is finding one who wants to go out with me to whom I am likewise attracted.

little-cicero said...

"The question is: how to meet such a person?"

Church socials. Where else?c

Quinn said...

"Swing a lesbian"? Andy, I think that might be part of your problem.

DJRainDog said...

I never thought of Wang as a particularly family-friendly company.

kr said...

Quinn: I was trying to decide if the lesbian comment was offensive to me as a feminist ;) ... but I guess if you're not offended ... ;)!

Andy, back in the day, the most surefire way for me to attract scads of male attention (including attractive-to-me male attention) was to get fed up and decide that men were all ridiculous and I didn't need them anyway. ("Back in the day" = high school and college ... you know, before I was, hem hem, more mature ;).)

At the time I thought (very frustrated) that it must be the thrill of the chase or the challenge I presented (which didn't really, to my mind, negate the "ridiculousness" of men)--and maybe also that God was reminding me what an unworkable attitude I had chosen.

Knowing what I know now, I suspect it was more that at those times I was obviously self-confident and less needy, which men are especially attracted to (gay men too I think?).
And also that God was reminding me what an unworkable attitude I had chosen ; P.

For what that's worth :).

little-cicero said...

Plugging KR's point into a more fabulous framework, the question becomes, does showing yourself to be disinterested in other men make it less likely that they will show interest for fear of the chastisement that goes with men showing interest in straight men? Homosexuality certainly adds a new dimension.

But I guess her real point is simply that of self-confidence. There is far more interest (that's not to say a lot) in me in my discussion based seminar course here at JCU than in any other environment, because I am more confident and secure in an intellectual discussion than in idle conversation.

Gino said...

as to kr:
not sure. i know for myself, a woman who is more confident (at least on the outside) does appeal to me more. there is something sexy about that.
as for the 'ice queen': i tend to want to see if there might be a smile, some warmth, under all that frostyness.

just a little something to illustrate:
about 5 months ago, we got a new H.R. manager. during a plantwide, going over some new regulations,disciplinary procedures etc... this HR gal was clearly dodging some serious slings and arrows from an irate work force. she's tall, good looking, and tough as nails. would not be bullied.
i turned to my buddy and whispered "i betcha she's a tiger in the sack", he answered back 'i was thinking the same thing'.

kr said...

as for the 'ice queen': i tend to want to see if there might be a smile, some warmth, under all that frostyness
(which is undoubtably why you kept talking to me ;) )

I want to apologize to Andy(/anyone who was offended).
which men are especially attracted to (gay men too I think?) implies by phrasology that gay men aren't "men." I should have been qualifying "het," of course. I'm sorry, please chalk it up to me speaking from memories of that time.