Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Photo Blogging: Home Sweet Home

This being a Sunday, it's time for a confession: I don't like my digital camera. The light meter su-uuu-ucks. You can be outside in the daylight and it will tell you to use the flash; if you're outdoors, the colors turn weird, and if you're inside, everything washes out. If you turn off the flash, the picture is grainy and out of focus. It really only takes decent pictures if you are outside in absolutely perfect lighting conditions taking a picture of something far away. It's an Olympus FE-230, so readers, take note: Andy gives it thumbs-down.

I find it highly irritating because my last digital camera -- which was from 1999 -- used to be able to do stuff like this:

That's actually a nice segue, because my living room has a "Venice" theme to it.

So here's a shot of the main space. See what I mean about the camera, though? With that much light, there's no need for a flash. Yet without a flash, it's out of focus. Just stupid. Anyway, on the left is the medicine cabinet where I keep my liquid Prozac. The console table was a housewarming gift from my new boss (he was getting rid of it). Now, if you look toward the right, you'll see my famously controversial sofa. Originally I had planned to slipcover it, something in a nice solid, like a dark green. But as the living room began to take shape around it I thought, "Hmm. Hmm. Hmmmmm." And it began to kind of grow on me. Friday night was the test: if my A-Gay friends (who have impeccable taste, you should see their places, hello) ran away in terror from the couch or asked me, for the love of God, to cover it with anything, a trash bag, if need be, then I would go back to plan A. So I asked for their honest opinion.

"Oh, I love it," said D. "It's just crazy enough that it's not too grandmother-y." "Funny you should say that, " I said, "since that's my grandmother's old sofa." Anyway, let's move on.

The kitchen.

My desk, where the blogging magic happens.

Here you kind of see where the desk is in relation to the kitchen, along with my CD collection. On the bar there is a Stoli Ohranj and Cranberry with a lime twist. Mmmm.

So now, if I'm not being too forward, shall we move into the bedroom?

Alas, the bedroom is really too small to get any kind of photo that really shows anything, but it's cozy. This is a shot through the hall door showing part of the bed and one of my coolest new acquisitions, an icon of Sts. Sergius and Bacchus.

It's not fancy, but the cats seem to like it.


Jarred said...

It looks like you have a nice, comfortable place there.

rita gorr said...

Andrew! It's lovely, I'm so proud of you....even if the couch is a wee bit Laura Ashley Menopause Collection.

"Move into the bedroom....", what kind of silly twink would fall for a line that smooth? *wink*

And is that MY Te Kanawa in "Arabella" on the cd shelf? Hmm, I'll have to pick that up one day.....


Gino said...

my place would shock you.
nothing matches, and i use the backs of chairs as coat racks.

kr said...


Jade said...

Very nice :) The wall hanging over your bed reminds me of the post card you gave me for my 16th birthday from Japan... I still have it. Now I think I need to take it out of the photo box and put it up on my wall again.

Oh, and as to your camera... your aperture range is very small, so you aren't going to have much versatility in shooting. As to colors... are you changing the mode on the back of the camera, or leaving it on auto when you shoot? The mode dial *should* help with white balance so your colors don't come out funky. As to shooting indoors, even if your camera says you don't need a flash, if the shot comes out fuzzy, manually override and shoot with the flash anyway to see if it comes out sharper for you.

Or get a camera that is designed more for shooting and less for pocket sized convenience.

K-Lyn said...

Andy, you should be quite proud of what you've put together. Now, please come decorate my place...

Matthew formerly in Beirut said...

It does look very attractive.