Saturday, June 28, 2008

I Was Thinking Someplace with a Menu

With all that's been going on in the past couple of weeks, I haven't had a chance to get together with my father to celebrate either my birthday, which was last Monday, or Father's Day, which was the day before and which I observed by marching in the Gay Pride Parade, aka, not my father's sort of thing. What with my stepfather's recent passing, it occurred to me that I hadn't seen my grandmother -- who's lingering in a nursing home on the other side of town -- in quite a while. I proposed that the two of us go have lunch for father's day/my birthday and then go visit her. Kill three birds with one stone, as it were.

I called him up and suggested that we meet somewhere for lunch tomorrow at 12:30, after I get done with church, and then go over to the home.

My father says, completely serious: "Well, they serve lunch at the home at 11:45."

Yes, because for my birthday I want applesauce and creamed corn on a tray with a side of tapioca in a plastic dish and a glass of grape juice to wash it down. Not.


tully said...

Fair enough, but you're not seeing the real advantage to that venue, Andy. BINGO!

kr said...

sigh ... you'd better hope your dad never finds your blog ...

I hope you have a nice(-as-possible) time :).

Andy said...

"Tully": alas, my grandmother is in the kind of facility where bingo is far, far, far beyond the powers of the residents. : (

KR: My father stopped reading years ago over...shall we say, philosophical differences.

Gino said...

just think of it as time spent with those you love, regardless of the menu.
you'll have more birthdays.
grandma may not see your next one.

...and then go for an even nicer dinner later that evening.

tully said...

:( Indeed

As long as it's in her powers to count her blessings... that's the only power we ever need.

Faustus, M.D. said...

to celebrate either my birthday, which was last Monday,

Why don't you tell us these things?

Happy birthday!

(Unless you actually did tell us and I already wished you a happy birthday and I need to take this as a sign that the Alzheimer's is progressing.)

Andy said...

Honey, I did tell you. : )