Sunday, June 29, 2008

It's Nice to See You, Too

When I showed up at the restaurant this afternoon to meet my father for lunch, he didn't say "Hello."

He said, "Nice comb-over."

Okay, now...wait a second. I know I'm a little thin right up front. It's kind of fluffy. But this is not a comb-over. And my hair has not changed since I was 23. That year, suddenly my hair got a LOT thinner, and I was pretty worried. But then it stopped, and my hair has looked exactly the same for eleven years.

Still, I've been thinking: maybe it's time to shave it. Just to see. What do you think?

I won't do it for at least a couple of weeks, after my stepfather's memorial.


Gino said...

once you get a buzz, you never go back.

makes life so much easier.
but then again, i never was one for style.

Matthew said...

Are you talking about "Bic" level shaved, or #1 guard clippers?

Andy said...

I was thinking #1.

Jess said...

Don't shave it. You're handsome as you are!

And even if you had a comb-over, why would he say that? That's just mean!

Andy said...

Well, it's a tragic story, really. My father was born without the gland that secretes tact.

Gino said...

"My father was born without the gland that secretes tact."

hmm, maybe he and i are related.

as for #s, my standard buzz is #3, every two weeks. i gave up the elvis look yrs ago, and reclaimed several weeks of my life since then.

Jeremiah Andrews said...

Does your father's words really carry that much weight that you would even consider shaving your head? Is this insanity or did you have a moment of clarity?

What others think of us is NONE of our business...


Andy said...

No, it was more like: wow, even my father thinks I have a bad haircut. Hmmm.

kr said...

I think you might be cute with an ultra-short style ... but you'd better find a real stylist, because the end shape needs to coordinate with your face and not simply reflect the shape of your head. (Not a comment on your face vs head shape in particular--just that a simple buzz is rarely a good-looking haircut, on anyone ... and with partially-thinned hair, I'd guess the shaping gets trickier.)

tully said...

Forget buzzing it- shave it all the way.

Would you have to shave it constantly, or does you hair grow pretty slowly?

My two cents: A smooth scalp would enormously compliment your other features. A buzz would have an opposite effect.