Sunday, October 19, 2008

Flew the Coop

Well, I guess you can't make chicken paprika without chicken.

I bought chicken, but it seems not to have made it into the shopping bag I brought home. I would go back to the store for it, but that was, oh, four hours ago now. What I can't believe is that I unpacked all my groceries when I got home and didn't notice. I only made the sad discovery once I set everything out on the counter five minutes ago to start cooking and couldn't find the chicken in the refrigerator.

I am an idiot.


Tab said...

Just make sure it's not still in your trunk and fell out of the grocery bag. I lost a whole block of cheese a few months ago only to find it behind my "car box" in the trunk. I was glad it was still sealed but it was during one of our hot weeks and the cheese had liquified. I can only imagine what surprise you would find if the chicken is hiding in your car.

Andy said...

I think I can safely assume it's not in the car, since I walked to the store. : )

Gino said...

order pizza.

i did what tab did once.
it wasnt pretty.

Andy said...

Actually I opted for Chinese take-out. Mmmm, General Tso's.

Quinn said...

I've done that (ok, ok, a couple of times!) It's gotten to the point where Spouse prefers if I don't do the shopping.

Stephanie said...

You must have a lot on your mind.


sexy said...