Sunday, November 27, 2005

You Know You're Gay When...'re stumbling back to the subway along 14th Street after partaking of the $8 Bud Lite blast at Splash listening to Carol Vaness sing "Come scoglio" on your iPod and hoping the next song will be Alfredo Kraus singing "De miei bollenti spiriti" but you're not disappointed when it turns out to be Madonna's "Bedtime Story."


Me: Okay, so, if it's a flock of sheep and a school of fish, what's six homos walking down 8th Avenue?

Queer: A party.


I had a wonderful Thanksgiving; of course I miss my family back in Oregon, and miss going out to the 100+ year old Victorian farmhouse in the middle of nowhere owned by family friends where we normally celebrate, but among the many, many blessings I'm thankful for this year was spending an amazing holiday with my best friends.

Most memorable moment: describing a certain guest who drove us all crazy, the host (who cooked up an absolutely delicious feast -- many, many thanks for all that work!), remarked, "His personality was excruciating."


little-cicero said...

I guess I'm not gay!

Shouldn't you be listening to Christmas music this time of year! I can't listen to anything else this time of year!

Happy Holidays!

Jeff said...

Nobody said you were.

little-cicero said...

What's wrong, am I not good enough to be gay? I'll show you!!!!
I'll show you all!!!!
(No, I won't really turn gay out of spite.)

Jon said...

I love when the next song on my iPod is Alfredo Kraus singing... well... anything!