Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Quote for the Day

"You can't cite your enemy's delusional hopes as a basis for a rational strategy."

- Kung Fu Monkey, on the theory of Crazification


Jeff said...


Similarly, from the Times last Sunday:

"The administration peddles the slogan that Osama bin Laden calls Iraq the main front against the West, so therefore it must be. If I were Osama bin Laden, why wouldn’t I try and goad our president to commit unlimited resources and world political capital into a never-ending civil war?

If the president truly believes that because Osama bin Laden says Iraq is the main front then it must be, then the president has been duped."

kr said...


I totally thought (without yet clicking the link for context) the quote referred to your recent assertion that the Pres was insane, and the implied mind-trapped dupes were the Democratic Party!

OK, I'm sorry, but that was pretty funny

(I then also flashed on a whole bunch of social-issue fights that this quote could usefully inform ... abortion, gay rights, environmentalism, pro-businessism ... both sides, in every case, focus way too much on "They're such IDIOTS!!!" soundbites.)

"It's all about your point of view"
--Vanessa WIlliams as the Queen of Trash, in Elmo in Grouchland (which movie also features some really fun work by the inimitable Mandy Patinkin :) )

DJRainDog said...

But they ARE such IDIOTS, don't you see?! (I mean, everyone who disagrees with ME!) ;-)

Quinn said...

Crazification was one of my favorite posts ever... the whole Obama Vs. Keyes thing just clinches it.