Monday, April 07, 2008

Just Close Your Eyes, and Think of McDonald's

As I approach the first anniversary of the day I left New York (two weeks from tomorrow!), my thoughts turn frequently to the city -- and the friends, most especially -- I left behind. I have a pretty good memory for images, so sometimes I just close my eyes and try to visualize a favorite place in Manhattan and just "be" there for awhile.

To keep these memories sharp, I have developed a bizarre habit that I actually find quite relaxing when I need to take a few moments at work to calm down and re-focus. You see, back in the City, I used to bank at Actors Federal Credit Union, and though they only have one branch in the whole entire world (though, I think they did open one in Los Angeles recently), one of the perks was that you could use the ATM in any McDonald's in New York without a fee. Hence, for the sake of convenience, I carried in my wallet a list provided by the bank of McDonald's in Manhattan that had ATM's. I still have that dumb list, and every once in a while I take it out and try to visualize each specific location. Here are the New York City McDonald's branches I can actually picture:

  1. 207th & Broadway
  2. Dyckman & Broadway
  3. 181st & Broadway
  4. 125th & Broadway
  5. 96th & Broadway
  6. 71st & Broadway
  7. 56th & 8th Avenue
  8. 54th & 1st Avenue
  9. 51st & Broadway
  10. 47th between Madison & 5th
  11. 46th & 7th Avenue
  12. 44th & 8th Avenue
  13. 21st & 6th Avenue
  14. 16th & Union Square West
  15. 8th & 6th Avenue
  16. 8th & Broadway
  17. Houston & Varick
  18. Broadway & Fulton
  19. 6 Water Street
Now, I want to be clear. I never ate at McDonald's. Never. Well, okay, sometimes the one at 56th & 8th, on my way to the subway station from Therapy/Vlada/Posh. But that was it. I swear.


Crash said...

I can't believe it's been almost a year.

DJRainDog said...

Those ATMs are gone. I believe the replacements still only charge $0.99, though.