Friday, May 09, 2008

Let Her Run

I've changed my mind: I believe Hillary Clinton should continue to run through the last primary on June 3.

It drives me crazy to say that, of course. What's the point? Mathematically, there is no scenario in which she can overtake Barack Obama. As of today, he's even passed her in superdelegates. Go ahead, throw in Michigan and Florida, as completely inappropriate and underhanded as that is. It won't change the outcome. And oh, the wasted money. I mean, you look at the tragedy in Myanmar and then consider that we're continuing to spend millions of dollars prolonging a contest that's clearly over and it makes your heart sick.

Still, I think there's a good reason for her to stay in the race and, believe it or not, that has to do with party unity.

Yes, the long, dragged out fight is raising tensions and sharpening the divide between the fans of the two candidates. However, I think there's a chance that some healing could come from letting the primaries run their course. If Hillary continues to campaign, she will go ahead and pick up her predicted wins in West Virginia, Kentucky and Puerto Rico. Barack probably has Montana and South Dakota sewn up, and Oregon's in the bag. In fact, according to the anticipated math, it's Oregon that will put him over the 2,025 total delegates needed and give him the nomination on May 20.* There is nothing, truly, that Hillary can do to change that. (And she can't even claim that our 1.9% black population somehow skewed the results in his favor in a manner that can't be reproduced on a national scale.)

If we let her do her thing, collect her Pyrrhic victories, she still comes up short, but then her supporters will be able to see that she lost the primary fair and square. If we force her out now -- even, admittedly, as she has no chance -- that's going to leave a bitter taste in some mouths and make it just that much harder to move forward together against McCain.

* LawFairy corrected me in the comments. On May 20, the number of delegates remaining to be awarded will be fewer than the difference between Obama and Clinton. So, not 2025, but still, end-game.


DJRainDog said...

I'm fine, mostly.
I just have nothing to say to you people who have nothing better to think, write, or talk about than shite like this. The American government is crap; the entire system needs to be gutted; it ain't gonna happen, so in the meantime, I have more important things to do: music to make, substances to abuse, and hot guys to fuck.

The Law Fairy said...

I dunno. If I recall correctly, isn't it the case that, as of this moment, neither candidate can possibly get enough pledged delegates to put him or her over the top? If that's the case, then no matter what happens, it's the party bigwigs who are picking the nominee. And I don't know if there's any way around the kind of bitter taste that'll leave in people's mouths.

This entire election season has probably been the strangest, as well as the most important, certainly in my lifetime. While I'm relieved to an extent I can't express that we'll be rid of W, I'm not sure how thrilled I am about our replacement options.

Don't mind me and my stubborn cynicism ;)

Jeff said...

I tend to agree, Andy, if only because if she wins West Virginia and Kentucky after having dropped out, that will look bad for Obama.

Anonymous said...

"if she wins West Virginia and Kentucky after having dropped out, that will look bad for Obama."

Great point Jeff. I have not heard that by any one on cable/radio. Andy, you should steal this for your next Sirrus gig.

Anonymous said...

This whole thing stinks. The mayor of Gary delayed votes so Hillary could not talk about her victory that evening. Rev. Wright, small town bitter people & this--her supporters will stay home or vote for McCain. Point out the obvious & your a racist. 93% of blacks voting for Obama isn't racist? The mayor of Gary & Rev. Wright aren't racists? The NAACP have 10,000 giving Rev. Wright a standing O. Sensible white & Jewish people look at this & say no way. Sorry Andy, like your blog, but you need to bet on another horse.

Queers United said...

true let her lose it fair and square

Zach H. said...

This is what I think is sick. In Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, we have essentially the same establishment candidate. We can count on the following from both of them - since this is what they've said in their own words.

-An increase in the military budget which already consumes half of our tax dollars (not counting the war)
-An energy policy which subsidizes oil, coal and nuclear at a greater rate than wind and solar.
-A reduction in damages awarded to those suffering for medical malpractice.
-A refusal to cap interest rates charged by the crediting industries.
-An unwilligness to hold the Bush White House accountable for their impeachable offenses and criminal activity.
-And more.