Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Today was rough at work. The last thing I wanted to do was turn on the TV and watch the pundits pointlessly debate whether Hillary's big win in West Virginia means anything. (It doesn't. Even if she'd gotten 100% of the vote, she'd gain 28 delegates against his 165 delegate lead. Big whoop. And then they'll talk about Barack's "problems" with the "white vote." Well, next week is Oregon, baby. We have a 1.9% black population, and Obama is up here by 20 points. Oh, and Oregon has 65 delegates. Did I mention West Virginia has 28? Yeah.)

Anyway, so I figured I'd come home and watch a movie. Instead, to my unending joy, in my mailbox I found a package from Amazon.com.

My copy of Swish: My Quest to Become the Gayest Person Ever had arrived!

Today is the official release of this wonderful new book by my good friend (and mentor, confidante, cheerleader) Joel Derfner, author of the marvelous blog The Search for Love in Manhattan (as well as the hilarious Gay Haiku), known to regular readers of this blog as Faustus, M.D.

I was privileged to read a couple of chapters in advance (and he was kind enough to put me in the acknowledgments for some perspective I gave him on one chapter), and I cannot wait to read the rest. And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to settle into my easy chair and dig in.

Hopefully Starbuck has left me some Cosmopolitan.


Jeff said...

The book comes with a Cosmo? Now I'm looking forward even more to getting it.

JP said...

I'm sure nobody really cares, but if you want to compare delegates more accurately, Kentucky has 28 pledged delegates plus 11 superdelegates, for 39 total. Oregon has 52 pledged delegates plus 12 superdelegates, for 65 total.

Anonymous said...

Delegates, so what. Ever since Rev. Wright, Hillary has kicked Obama's ass in popular vote (PA onwards) by 148,000.


I'm sure a lot of white people that voted for Obama previously would vote differntly now that more is known. What should be an easy victory for Dems in Nov. may now be a loss.

Andy said...

So how will you explain Hillary's 20 point loss in Oregon next week?

Quinn said...

Easy: we Oregonians are not real Americans. We're just California's Canada, as Stephen Colbert says.

That said, my neighborhood is flooded with Obama signs, all of which (except for mine) just went up this week.

Jeff said...

Andy: read and enjoy.

SMB said...

hy. ster. ic. al.

The Law Fairy said...

I'm so grossed out by the blatant race politics that have crept up in this election. I'm a Hillary supporter but her stupid remarks about white Americans were just, well, stupid. Of course, I am not a huge fan of Obama's affinity for the word "sweetie" when talking to female reporters, either.

This whole thing has just gotten irreversibly ugly. At least the California Supremes gave us some good news today. I needed some good news.