Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Last Booze of Summer

I hate winter. Can I just say that? I am dreading the darkening, shortening, frigidifying days. But I have to say, it's been a fantastic summer. Yes, August had a few miserably hot and humid days as per usual, but nothing too exceptional, and after 2003 any summer when the power stays on counts as a good one.

Saturday my friend Kevin and I made one final pilgrimage out to Fire Island for the year. It was divine: the water was clear, cold and calm...and I found a cute little starfish in the surf that I petted for a while before tossing him back out into deeper water. Zero humidity, light breeze, bright sunshine, temp in the low 80s and unusually gentle waves. For some reason, swimming in the salty Atlantic is always incredibly invigorating. It feels so good just to bob up and down as the swells come in...unless there's garbage (ew!) or jellyfish (ow!), of which there were neither this weekend. There were lots of biting flies, which grew increasingly numerous/aggressive as the day wore on. Oh well.

Sunday I mostly lay around the apartment. I didn't get much sleep last weekend on my trip to Oregon, so I needed time to catch up on that. Later in the evening I went for a $5 cosmopolitan at Therapy with Jon, and then joined his boyfriend along with Mike and his roommate at Gym, after which we barhopped over to G. Our favorite waiter Will was not there, so we mourned his absence with several frozen Cosmos (it's like a 7-11 Slurpee with vodka...and still some people don't believe in God!).

Yesterday of course was my traumatic venture up to Target in The Bronx. I went in search of new pillows for the bed, but their supply seemed to be exhausted. Instead I came home with a neat print of the George Washington Bridge, my neighborhood icon. I walked all the way back home (not really that far; Target is at 225th Street, I live on 187th) in a beautiful orange twilight through Fort Tryon Park, listening to the invisible cicadas singing in the trees and watching the Hudson River sparkle in the sunset. I picked up some Indian food on the way for dinner (mmm...chicken biryani).

I took today off from work to make a 4-day weekend, and I'm really glad I did. I woke up in high domestic gear (most unusual for me) and spent the entire day organizing and cleaning my apartment. I started in the kitchen and organized the utility pantry and tossed out things from my kitchen cupboards which had been in there for at least 6 years. I did laundry, I vacuumed, I created new folders for my file cabinet, I paid bills...and most importantly, I ordered a new desk!

Andy's got some big plans. I've hated my bedroom forever. I want to make it calmer and more spacious...and I want to get the computer out. Alas, I am still using a dial-up modem. (Yes, yes, I know.) And so the computer has had to be where the phone jack is. Plus, I got this little laminated pressboard number of a desk back in 1994 and I really fear collapse is imminent. So, thanks to a little cash-infusion from Mom (I love my job, but wow, we put the "non" in non-profit) I'm getting a replacement. I've also been going over the budget and I realized that if I get rid of my landline, which I never use except for the dial-up modem, I can save enough money to get a cable/DSL package...which means I will finally have cable TV! I'll never miss Shark Week again!

Now if I can just get a boyfriend!

PS, Grandmother is in the psycho ward at a local hospital. I'll keep you posted.


Jess said...

1) Nice desk.

2) Good luck on the bf hunt. If you bag that one, we need to double-date a lot. Of course, good friends allow their friends to grope their boyfriends. ;)

3) Not sure what to say about the grandmother thing, but I hope it doesn't create problems for your family.

Andy said...

1) thanks!

2) that's a two-way street

3) no, this will solve problems

Jon said...

I wish I had known you were looking for pillows... I got some great ones for only $19 each (Calvin Klein, no less!) at Bloomingdale's... actually, had quite the trip there. New comforter and everything! And as far as the boyfriend thing goes? I'm not anything like that guy (well, I do have brown hair) but I'd still take you out to dinner...