Monday, September 19, 2005

Happy Blogoversary to Me!

Today The Last Debate is one year old.

I think I've come a long way since that day I stayed home sick from work in September 2004 and decided to start a blog. I posted six times that day...ranging from a rambling "here's what I did today" recap, a picture of me in my dressing room before Salome in 2000, two rants about Bush and Iraq, the first in an unpopular series of "On This Day in Middle Earth" blogs, and even -- dear God, what was I on??? -- a recipe for steamed bratwurst and sour cream sauce.

Not recommended reading.

I spent the next couple of months writing essays of Homeric scope consisting of regurgitated DNC talking points absorbed from other blogs and the New York Times editorial page (which, as of today, requires a paid subscription to read online; I'd pay $1/week to read Paul Krugman and Frank Rich, but the rest you can have) as prelude to the election.

After that I had a brief incarnation as a local politics activist, railing against MTA incompetence and advocating for the return of red-tailed hawks to Fifth Avenue.

After taking up the cause of saving Social Security, I wandered in the wilderness for a while, complaining about subway rides and temp jobs.

I also learned that sometimes the shortest posts generate the most comments (here and here).

Now I'm some sort of queer activist theologian. Whatever.

I love you all. Even you secular heathens. No, especially you guys. Thanks for reading, for your comments, for your support, and for your inspiration.


Matthew said...

Glad to have you around. Here's to another great year.

Joel said...

Happy, happy Blogoversary to you ... and many more last debates to come, I hope.

Bratwurst and sour cream sauce? Ummm, no.

Anthony said...

Ah, those heady days of starting a blog, wondering who (if anyone) is going to read your musings, hoping a debate'll ensure ... I remember them well, and I've not even been doing this six months.

You're always a worthwhile read, Andy - by turns thought-provoking, educational (at least from the point of view of this European) and invariably witty with it. Here's to the next year and more!

Now where's the Sekt?

Julia said...

I love your blog and am loving it more and more! Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog almost since the beggining. I have also been heckling you from the peanut gallery for quite some time now. This would incline you to think that I find what you are saying is intersting. Wrong!!!!! I check your blog just to see what idiotic, self absorbed, counter intuitive ( a bible beating Christian Homosexual), and overly dramatic crap you have posted that day. That being said I can't beleive how wrapped up in your own little world of political issues you really are. I would of thought that with all the human suffering and poor leadership that is associated with Hurricane Katrina that you would have blogged endlesly( One short mention doesn't count). But then I realized that you are one of Them. What I mean is that you are so implicitly wrapped up in the issues that directly affect your life that any other issue is a moot point that you barely notice. So if it is not connected to Religion or Gay rights you don't care. You must at all times push your agenda with blinders on. WOW! Now that is self absorbed. You will attack and blog when it is pertenent to you but when its not forget it. You know that sounds mighty Republican. You and George W. should have lunch and talk about Trent Lott's house! You really should try stepping outside your bubble it could be a growing experience. "What is the weather supposed to be today Andy?" Your response: " I don't know is it Gay or Biblical?" Nope. Your response: " I don't know then."

Joel said...

Vindictive comments posted anonymously lack integrity. They are cowardly and fail to carry the weight of honest, open debate.

Apart from allowing myself a few chuckles at the ignorant conclusions you have drawn regarding a man who is not only obviously highly intelligent, but compassionate as well, I am itching to correct your poor spelling and grammar.

tribecatexan said...

To the coward who dare not speak his/her name:

Blogs are by nature, self-centered, self-serving musings. Think of it as a special interest pork project.

And if you don't like it, go away. And if you were brave, you'd let us know what blog you run, let us read it and rip your arguments.

Anonymous said...

Please correct my spelling. A few slipped keystrokes, so what. I never said he wasn't compassionate. Just that he is only compassionate to his causes. I never said he wasn't intelligent, ok maybe I did and that was a little harsh. As far as weather or not I sign in with a name shouldn't matter. I just haven't taken the time to register. Now that you have gone off point try addressing the issues raised. Or maybee Andy will.

Anonymous said...

tribecatexan you havwe a very valid point. if I don't like I should go away. However, if I did alot of the time there would be no debate just agreement. I like to debate with Andy. Normally I give up because its a dead horse, not because either party is correct.

tribecatexan said...

maybe if the weather was right, you'd decide whether or not to sign in. but you know, i don't have an account, and i'm still leaving my name.

and if you were a true debater, you'd know your ad homonem attacks against andy are a fallacy of logic.

it's a wonder why there's a dead horse involved. stop beating it and address the points at hand. dubyah only has so many on his ranch in crawford for you to keep beatin'. unless of course you called beating your serpent a horse...but that's a nother story.

igotanamenow said...

Well I can't spell whether and you can't spell ad hominem. You still have not addressed what I wrote. I haven't implied that his arguments are wrong because of his character. Why don't you read what I wrote think about it, read some of his previous posts and then respond. By the way another is one word. I can pick on grammar also.

Jeff said...

Happy Bloggaversary, Andy! Here's to many more enlightening, well-written posts, as always. Keep on writing!

Matthew said...


Do you often insult people in real life because you ‘like to debate’? If so, that’s unfortunate. If not, why do it here?

I didn’t want to address your points earlier because it ran the risk of feeding into the chatter you so obviously want to create. However, I think it best to come to Andy’s defense in this situation, regardless of how unfounded the accusations are.

First, I’ll address the allegation that without your contribution, this blog would be full of only agreement and no real debate. I would cite your attention to the recent posts and comments regarding intelligent design. This one example (among many) clearly shows that a healthy exchange of ideas already exists on this blog. Your insults are not needed.

Second, the idea that Andy focuses on only two issues has several fatal weaknesses. Blogs are inherently about what the author finds interesting. It is perfectly appropriate for Andy to blog about what interests him. Even if your accusation were true, it is irrelevant. Further, Andy regularly blogs about a wide variety of issues. He has blogged about and in other languages, opera, his social life, and travel. His posts have ranged from the mice in his apartment to movie reviews. Even a cursory review of the “Best of Andy” Section easily refutes your argument.

It seems to me that you are deliberately making inflammatory comments in a bit to get attention. On my blog I delete such comments.

igotanamenow said...

Delete away! I do not need to read the best of Andy. I read them all the first time He posted them. You are correct. Andy focuses on a lot of issues. They all just directly affect his world. Once again you are correct that blogs are inherently about that persons interest and life. However, when you post this information on the internet it is going to be subject to scrutiny by the public. What amazes me and causes me to "insult" Andy is that some of the qualities that he hates the most in our "Beloved" President and his cronies are the same ones he exhibits via his blog. Believe it or not I am a moderate and I agree with him on most issues but not necessarily to the length in which he carries his point. I may be insulting now but when I first started replying to his blog I wasn't but he very politely told me that my arguments were crap. Now that doesn't mean they were but to him they were. I think its because they were arguments of moderation. He is balls to the wall extreme on some issues which I have no tolerance for from either side of the spectrum. So all that being said since it is his Blogoversary I will promise from this point forward to no longer be insulting. All of this banter still does not address what I originally wrote. My intention was to maybe just maybe to get him and anyone else who reads this blog to just for a few brief moments of thier lives to set down thier personal political agenda, step outside thier precious little bubble and really think about and consider what has happened in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina especially with a second one potentially on the way.

obliquity said...

Congratulations on the milestone Andy! I've been a great fan for quite some time now. Your writing is always intelligent and thought-provoking. :-)

Anthony said...

I will admit I was a little surprised that Andy wrote so little about Hurricane Katrina, but we should be prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt. There's any number of reasons why he may have decided against a post on the subject: other concerns on his mind, a feeling that his views were being expressed just as well elsewhere, seeing little point in adding to the debate, or indeed a combination of these and more. Even those among his nearest and dearest may not be able to account for it, so it's dangerous for the rest of us to jump to conclusions on the subject. We don't know.

On another note, a year's worth of posts is something of a milestone and it strikes me as churlish of you to descend to name-calling on this occasion. It's not going to win you any friends or, for that matter, much respect. I can see why you should be bitter over Andy's rejection of your views in the past, but there are limits.

Andy said...

Actually I think given the subject of my blog, "ad homonem" is the preferred spelling. : )

Anonymous, you are welcome to post comments on my blog anytime you like. I welcome differing points of view. You said you like to debate -- but we can't do that unless you post more often. I look forward to it!

Others, thanks so much for the compliments and spirited defense!

Joel said...

igotanamenow, I want to apologise for my remark regarding your spelling and grammar. It was petty and childish, and I shouldn't have made it. The rest of my comment I stand by, and I should have left it just at that.

tribecatexan said...

Finally, someone recognizes the "homonem" joke!

Blessed those with quick wit and not quick temper. And that's not a verse out of the Book.

Matthew said...

Hey Andy, Happy Blog Anniversary!

I've enjoyed reading your posts over these many months (even the Biblical ones), and find your writing intelligent and insightful, if at times in opposition to my own way of thinking. But that's what makes the blogosphere fun and, possibly at times, a learning experience.

Your blog is of great benefit to the community. Keep it up!

Jess said...

Congrats! I love your writing! Thanks for all of the interesting posts!