Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween Brings out the Freaks

No, I'm not talking about witches, demons, devils, College Republicans or even people who dress their dogs up like a happy meal.

I'm talking about the Fundamentalists.

Fundamentalists, as I like to point out, come in two flavors: religious and secular. Not only do we have the traditional nitwits worried that dawning a black hat will turn you into a Satan-loving witch, we now have radical secularites opposed to kids wearing costumes on Halloween because of its religious origin.

Everyone, please get a grip.

Christians, if you're so worried that your child will become a devil-worshipper if he dresses up like Dracula, why not assert some parental control and dress your kid up like a Bible character? Sure, the other kids won't know who Simon of Cyrene is, but look at it as a teachable moment. It's so easy. If you think there's something demonic about throwing a sheet over your head and pretending to be a ghost, then sprinkle silver glitter all over the sheet and, voila! Lot's Wife!

And if you're the kind of parent who would object to that, you can always dress your kid up as an ACLU lawyer.


HuskerFoley7 said...

LOL! Despite the fact that I'm super conservative, I love the dig at the College Republicans. My college had the largest group out of any college in the nation. While half were my good friends, all of them got on my nerves when it came to their "club". :)

little-cicero said...

I can't summarize my attitude on the subject, so I'll have to use a shameless plug to my blog to get my view across:

FreeThinker said...

Sheesh, I'm glad no one in my town has these "issues!"