Thursday, October 13, 2005

James Dobson: Liar

So now Dr. Dobson says that Karl Rove gave him permission to speak freely about their previously confidential chat. According to CNN, Dobson said Rove told him the nominee is "an evangelical Christian; that she is from a very conservative church, which is almost universally pro-life; that she had taken on the American Bar Association on the issue of abortion and fought for a policy that would not be supportive of abortion."

Just to remind you, Dr. Dobson previously said that he knew some things about Miers that he was "not at liberty to talk about."

So we are now to believe that Karl Rove made a special call to tell James Dobson facts about Ms. Miers that everybody already knew and he agreed to keep that confidential.



Esther said...

Dobson also waffled a bit on his support of the nominee. Three days after she was announced he talked about how he was praying about this and he was not sure that he should have given his support so early in the process. Personally, I think the man is okay with family psychology or whatever his degree is in, but he needs to stop talking about politics because he doesn't make sense.

bohica said...

I listened to him in an interview last night, quite by mistake, and he said that the reason he can talk about it now is because it IS common knowledge. When he first made that stupid comment, he had just had a conversation with Karl where Karl told him the stuff we now all know. That might make sense since I think they are friends.

Andy said...

No Bohica, that's utter nonsense. There would be no reason on earth to keep her church affiliation confidential -- especially since her evangelical credentials are about all she has to offer. As far as her efforts with the Texas Bar and abortion, that was a well-documented matter of public record. Not only is it preposterous that Dobson would feel obligated to keep that a secret, it's silly to think that Karl Rove would call to tell him what he could learn from watching CNN. Either there was no secret information and he lied out of arrogance, or he still hasn't told us.

Steve said...

I am amused by the hard-line conservatives distate for Ms. Miers. It is very interesting to watch in my opinion. Ms. Miers seems to have no friends except for the President and Harry Reid.

Hopefully, the Senate will finally do their job at advise and consent but somehow I doubt it.

Steve said...

distate=distaste* oops