Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Practical Applications of the Martini

Last night I went to a straight bar on the Upper West Side to say farewell to a wonderful friend who's leaving New York to sing in Europe for five months.

I asked for a Grey Goose martini, dry, no olive.

What I got was a glass of vermouth with a splash of vodka. Blech. It tasted like bilgewater. (Yes, I speak from experience. No, you can't ask.)

Some other friends had just returned from a singing engagement in Brazil and brought her a pair of beautiful handcrafted earrings from a market in Rio. "Oh...but, I wonder if anyone else has tried them on?" asked my friend.

"Here," I said, passing her the "martini" I wasn't able to finish. She dunked the earring loops into the glass and then put them in her ears.

1 comment:

DJRainDog said...

Please tell me that you then sent the offending drink back to the offensive bartender. There is simply NEVER an excuse for a bad martini. Never.