Friday, October 14, 2005

Seasonal Haiku: Aki

Sex and the City
alone on a Friday night
I need more vodka


Jess said...

You're silly. I like that. :)

tribecatexan said...

Where did your pets go?
Outside the streets are still wet,
Did you kick them out?

Andy said...

Mouse went to the park
The roach was vacuumed away
I am all alone

Marc said...

Darlin', you can come out to our house anytime you need vodka. I can pour a good drink. I only wish we could help you find a man!! You certainly deserve a good one.

jwc said...

lonely older man
has no one to blame but he;
geek standing invite.

Andy said...

Alone does not mean
lonely; solitude can be
very relaxing.

teh l4m3 said...

Drinking alone is very healthy, IMHO.

Andy said...

Can you rephrase that in the form of a haiku? For example,

Sometimes solitude
is preferable to a
fatuous jackass

Jeff said...

"He" was incorrect.
"Has no one to blame but him."
Grammar nazis rule.

Andy said...

I was wond'ring if
someone would correct that.
Grammar makes me hot.

Mary Ann said...

Nothing makes me laugh
quite so much as Andy's blog
and ancient Japan