Sunday, September 16, 2007

Busy Week!

This week I was in-between temp jobs, but determined to make the most of it. I'm actually really glad that it worked out this way, even though it was a week without a paycheck. I worked the entire summer without a day off; if I'd stayed at my previous job, during this period I'd have earned five vacation days!

Monday I spent the morning organizing, planning, and scheduling appointments. Then I spent the afternoon by the pool. It may have been the last nice day of the year. Tuesday was 9/11, so I blogged a little, went to morning prayer, and then finally saw the optometrist for the first time in over two years. Wednesday Comcast came to repair my cable, then I had an interview for the temp job that will be occupying me for the next two weeks, and then I saw the dentist...for the first time since 2004, according to their records. (Eeep! But, no cavities!)

Thursday was a big day. I took the car into a new mechanic to have a sensor replaced, since I thought the last mechanic was rude. They also gave it a thorough going-over and a clean bill of health. So, let's hope. Conveniently, the mechanic is across the street from the local U-HAUL, so after I dropped off the car I went and picked up a van. First my stepfather and I brought down my grandmother's old sofa which has been stashed in the garage since she moved back to California. (Trust me, the pattern looked great in her place; it's...a little busy, perhaps, for its current setting. We're on the hunt for a slipcover, probably in dark sage or teal. Let me know what you think!) Then my mother bravely accompanied me on a trip out to Portland's new IKEA. We picked out a desk and a new media center/bookcase for the living room, as well as a bed and a dresser for the bedroom. The bedroom furniture I wanted was sold out, so I'll have to order that. But we got the rest into the van and I spent the remainder of the week assembling it and getting my apartment cleaned and organized for the coming week.

So, big thanks to my mother and stepfather and, especially, Rocky, who really helped with the furniture construction.

Rocky ponders whether the instruction graphics make any sense.


Are these supposed to be different heights? You screwed up again, didn't you?

Okay, yeah, now this is starting to look like a file cabinet.

Which is the left and which is the right side? I can't tell the difference.

Ta-dah! Media center! Whoo!

Rocky realizes his toy has gone under the sofa. Again.

We had a brief rainshower this afternoon, and then the ravens were out on the lawn hunting worms. Here's Rocky stalking the birdies. Why he didn't just actually get on the sill, I don't know. He preferred to hang there for a while. Whatever.

And, after a week full of excitement, here are my babies relaxing on the new sofa.

I thought this was a great picture of Rocky. it just me, or is Starbuck giving me the finger? (She is a native of Queens, after all.)


Anonymous said...

please burn that sofa

Andrew said...

Get rid of the couch man!

Gino said...

the bass pro shop catalog has some great patterned covers for that sofa.

i can recommend if you'd like.

Brechi said...

It does look like it could use a slipcover...but it is coming together. The entertainment center looks like it was quite a chore to assemble. I congratulate you on that one.

Quinn said...

the sofa will be great once slipcovered. And yes, Starbuck is definitely giving you the finger.

The Law Fairy said...

I haven't been to the dentist for a couple years either, but I doubt I will get off as lucky as you :P Although, I never had a single cavity in my life before law school. Sigh.

Media center looks great. And I think the couch has kitsch appeal, even if you don't slipcover it :)

DJRainDog said...

Bravo on the media centre. Also on the cute kittehs. Starbuck's paw gesture, by the way, isn't the finger, that's the feline equivalent of the hand gesture that might accompany the human, "You want summa this? Bring it!" And yes, definitely slip-cover that couch. Slip-covers, as a general rule, suck, but until you can afford appropriate furnishings, it'll do.

Jade said...

I kind of like the couch, but it's my favorite color red... if you had a couple solid colored throw pillows the same color as your chair, a solid colored throw blanket over the back, then a couple red accessories around the room (artwork or some such) it would tie in as-is I think, and cover some of the busy pattern.

I wish I lived closer I could probably make a slipcover for that couch. If you do decide to cover it, try to avoid the massive shapeless sheet things that go over the entire couch, those tend to pull up every time to sit on the furniture. I suggest you go for something tailored to the couch body, then separate covers (like pillow cases) for the cushions

Elizabeth said...

Cats are such critics, aren't they?

I don't know, I kind of like the couch. Perhaps instead of calming it down, you could add some "busy-ness" to the room? Kind of splash it up a bit. You're being very environmentally friendly to re-use what's available to you, rather than buy something new.

Andy said...

Eh..."busy" isn't really my style. Bold color, fine. And I wasn't so much thinking "earth friendly" as "free." I confess.

Matthew said...

Looks like the apartment is coming together nicely. Keep the couch. I vote for a sage slipcover.

Silus Grok said...

It's hard to tell from the photos, but I'd have to concur with the general consensus: the couch is, um, matronly.

: )

I'd also like to encourage you to pull stuff away from the walls... you have a lot of space, there, and it seems a shame to waste it on rug.