Monday, September 10, 2007

You've Seen Two, You've Seen 'Em All

Since I'm presently between temp-jobs, I am doing my utmost to take advantage of this free time and be super productive. Among the many competing priorities, however, is my determination to get some quality pool-time in before the weather turns.

So this afternoon, after spending the morning updating my resume and setting up appointments for the rest of the week, I took a book and my iPod to go soak up some sun.

There were some tweenage girls hanging out at the pool, one of them rather generously endowed, as it were, in a somewhat ill-fitting strapless bikini top that could barely contain her. Eventually, physics being what it is, as she was bending over to fish something out of her bag, the snap in the back broke free as she squealed in horror.

Her friends could not contain their laughter, and I myself could not repress a smirk. She looked at me and said, "Oh, my God, I'm so sorry, I'm so embarrassed!"

I said, "Eh, I'm gay," and went back to my book.


little-cicero said...

All the more reason to be embarrassed. Which is worse? A guy thinking "Awesome! I saw her boobs." or "...a somewhat ill-fitting strapless bikini top..." Nothing worse than an objective critic...

Quinn said...

As someone with boobs (well, sort of), I think the objective critic would be preferable.

kr said...

Boob vote #2: definitely better to be accidentally exposed to an uninterested observer. Now, if she had been hoping to impress him, _then_ his response would have been more embarrassing.

Gino said...

i'd have just said "nice tits", and gone back to reading.

seriously, if she was that shy, she would have worn something different.

Andy said...

if she was that shy, she would have worn something different

Yeah, that was pretty much my take on it.

Jarred said...

Peronally, I think the most embarassing situation would be an equally unimpressed straight guy. I mean, talk about a blow to your ego!

Gino said...

yes, jarred.
and that is why i would compliment her.
wouldnt want to scar the girl for life.

besides, young boobies usually are nice, so i wouldnt be lying.

little-cicero said...

It's about time one of my comments provoked a stimulating conversation on this blog.

I guess college is doing its work.