Tuesday, January 15, 2008

On the Reliability of Fortune Cookies

Ummm...turns out, not so much.

Which prompts me to recall a classic Simpsons episode from the 5th season, "The Last Temptation of Homer."

Mindy: What's wrong?
Homer: [crying] We're going to have sex.
Mindy: Oh, well, we don't have to.
Homer: Yes we do. The cookie told me so.
Mindy: Well, desserts aren't always right.
Homer: But they're so sweet.


Anonymous said...

I just got back from lunch...yep Chinese. "I will bring someone great joy today" Well I hope so. Thanks for the Simpsons quote.

Jade said...

You presume, though, that it refers to work. It could refer to your promotion of yourself with regards to singing in public again?