Monday, January 14, 2008

Support for Obama Slips, Poll Shows

In a recent unscientific poll conducted by the blog The Last Debate, results indicated previously enthusiastic support for Barack Obama's quest for the presidency in 2008 has waned somewhat within the small but vocal gay community of Raleigh Hills, a southwest Portland suburb.

"I ordered my bumper sticker over a week ago," said an angry blogger who asked only to be identified as "Andy." "If he can't even get me a bumper sticker in a week's time, then I have to say I worry about what other promises he may be unable to keep," said Andy.

When asked if this meant that he was transferring his support to Senator Hillary Clinton of New York, Andy spluttered, "Oh, hell no. But part of me is hoping that Gay Penguin revives his unsuccessful bid from 2004."


Jess said...

And if it turns out to be Hillary Clinton vs. Any Republican, can you really sit it out? We need to take back the White House. Of course, we do need to see if Gay Penguin gets into the race.

Gino said...

within the next week expect to see 'polls' (released by the clinton machine) showing obama is too not-white-enough to win the general election.

Quinn said...

I also was a fan of Gay Penguin back in 2004.

For now, my bumper still reads "Stewart/Colbert 08"