Saturday, January 26, 2008

South Carolina 2

Or Barack could trounce Hillary by 30 points, that would be okay, too.


Quinn said...

Works for me.

Eric said...

I'm really not looking forward to an Obama candidacy. I don't think he represents anything but politics as usual despite his over and over assertions to the contrary. Rezko may not be huge but his attempts to downplay what was obviously a large lapse of judgment are same old politics. PLaying the McClurkin gay-baiting card - in SOUTH CAROLINA, no less - was a serious breach of trust that I haven't quite forgiven him for, despite being bold enough in some other churches (not around South Carolina, though, since he needed southern black conservative Democrats to stay on his side) to denounce homophobia in the black community.
In much the same way you mention a perhaps begrudging vote for nominee Clinton, I feel the same about Obama. I'll vote for him because of what's at stake, even if I won't love it right now.

DJRainDog said...

Again, why not Edwards? He's infinitely more dignified than either Billary or Biraq, and frankly, if this shithole of a country doesn't need some dignity, I can't think what it fucking DOES need.

Andy said...

what was obviously a large lapse of judgment

? By all accounts -- and he's been investigated now by every major news organization in the country -- this was an extremely minor lapse having more to do with appearances than anything shady; he has never been implicated in any wrongdoing, and if he had, you'd think the Clintons would have found it. And speaking of the Clintons, do you want to talk about their collective lapses of judgment and their excellent associates? Marc Rich? Travelgate? Whitewater? Obama is not remotely in their league when it comes to shady connections.

I was not bothered by the McClurkin incident, actually. Obama has been very vocal about his stances on gay rights. Go to his campaign website and you can find under "Issues" his stances on civil unions and Don't Ask Don't Tell -- for which I might remind you we have Bill Clinton to thank. Go to Clinton's campaign website or her NY State Senate website and see if you can find any reference to LGBT issues anywhere. You can't. I do wish Senator Obama supported full marriage equality, and I think someday he will, but I feel that this is his honest position given where he is on his faith journey. I also likewise believe that Hillary Clinton's position against marriage equality -- like George W. Bush's -- is wholly political in nature. I bet she's totally okay with gay marriage, it's just that her advisers shook their heads and said, "That won't play in Iowa." More to your point, though: the President has to be everyone's president. I don't believe you can change your sexuality through prayer, but apparently Mr. McClurkin does. If Senator Obama wants to welcome ex-gays into his fold alongside activist queers like myself, then I say more power to us all.

DJ: I think Edwards would make a great President. After Howard Dean, he was my choice in 2004. I banged my head against the wall about a thousand times when we chose Kerry. I have nothing against Edwards. I just like, no, LOVE, Obama.