Friday, February 01, 2008

An Open Letter to Tsunami Tuesday Voters

Oregon's primary, May 20, is the last in the nation. There is a good possibility that my vote will have no effect on the nominating process for the presidential candidates. Therefore, I urge you to cast your vote this Tuesday for Senator Barack Obama.

I think Senator Clinton would make a fine president; we could certainly do worse! But I also think we could do much better. In terms of policy proposals, there isn't much difference between the two candidates, so making the case for one over the other means evaluating candidates on the basis of their integrity and their judgment. It is difficult to go into detail without this devolving into an attack on Hillary Clinton, which is not my intent. I think she's capable. But she's the wrong choice, nonetheless.

Senator Obama represents a clean break from the vicious, simplistic partisan hackery of the last twenty years. It is not true that he is substantially less qualified than Senator Clinton, and even if that were the case, experience is worth nothing if it's not coupled with sound judgment. Senator Clinton has a demonstrable history and ongoing practice of choosing politics over principle. Her continued defense of the irresponsible, illegal and immoral decision to invade Iraq disqualifies her from the highest office.

Please vote this Tuesday; democracy is nothing without our participation. And when you vote, choose change. Choose Obama.


Anonymous said...

Hooray for Obama!
Hip-hip-hooray forAndy!


gary said...

I won’t be voting for Obama (or any other pro-abortion candidate) on Tuesday. Not that being pro-life necessarily makes one a good candidate, hardly. However, any elected official has to get that right first before I consider them. Choosing to side with organizations like Planned Parenthood and the like to support keeping abortion (no-matter-what) legal, does disqualify a person from being an elected official in my view. So, on that issue alone, Obama sinks with me. You know there isn’t much to look at that makes me want to get out and vote. I liked Huckabee (even though he has a strange affinity for the taste of his feet) because he seems like he is the most sincere about actually doing something about the issue. He also was a good governor. More than likely, I will end up voting for him in our primary. I have persuaded most of my family away from any candidate that is pro-choice. That is the only consolation I have this election season.