Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Told Ya

I knew Mike Huckabee was not a flash in the pan. And I knew that Rudy was.

Okay, Huckabee's not well-poised to take the nomination, but he's won six states. And is it just me, or does it seem that he and McCain are unusually buddy-buddy? They look like a ticket, to me.

Why not? Their respective strengths among Republicans balance each other. As Chris Matthews kept pointing out on MSNBC last night, McCain won the primaries in all the states Republicans usually lose in the general; Huckabee took the Bible belt. And what was that little dance they pulled off in West Virginia, with McCain throwing support (and the win) to Huckabee to keep Romney down? Hmmm.

I would also like, if I may, to be unmagnanimous for just a moment and dredge up this December comment.

RB wrote, "I am a political scientist. Let me assure you that Huckabee is a temporary sideshow. The GOP nominee will obviously be Giuliani, short of some remarkable and unpredictable development. Giuliana [sic] will knock out the other GOP candidates in the first round of the major primaries."

Some "unpredictable" development, huh? Yes, no one could have foreseen that America would figure out in time that Giuliani was a creepy one-note vindictive megalomaniac with a lengthy track-record of incompetence, shady connections and vendettas, a candidate who in fact had a weaker grasp of foreign policy and economics than...Mike Huckabee.

PS...well played, Barack! My vote in the Oregon primary might be worth something, after all.

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