Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Photo Blogging: Andy & Glenn Do Yachats: Fin

On our last morning down at the coast, instead of walking on the beach behind the hotel, I decided to walk into town. It was so quiet and peaceful, and there are some really cute little cottage-y places in the little "neighborhood" between 101 and the sea.

Here's a shot of the cabins where we stayed.

Check out these gulls hanging out at the Yachats State Recreation Area.

The Green Salmon is closed on Mondays, so we went back to the place where we'd had dinner the night before; I had french toast with marionberry compote. Love those marionberries! Then it was back to the hotel to check out and head down the road.

Glenn was on his way back to San Francisco and was planning on getting as far down 101 as Eureka, so we needed to get moving. We decided we'd stop at the Sea Lion Caves just north of Florence and then say our goodbyes.

Check out this weather! Hard to believe this is mid-February.

The cave itself is pretty spectacular. The echoes of the sea lion bellows are so loud it sounds like the den of some horrible beast. Some horrible, foul-smelling beast. Phew, what a stench! But still, fascinating.

Back up top, we wandered down a small path to view the rocky outcrop where the sea lions go to sun themselves.

We made one last stop together at the Fred Meyer in Florence (had to show Glenn the pride of the Northwest!) for snacks, diet Coke and discount gas. Then with a hug and a wave, Glenn headed south and I turned east toward Eugene. No meandering country excursions for me this time; I was eager to get home and see the cats, so I booked it to I-5 and sailed back to Portland.

All in all, an amazing, much-needed weekend. Glenn's pics are here.

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Jade said...

Looks like a beautiful trip!

Funny timing on that picture of the railing in Yachats... I was digging through a box the other day and came across my post card of Firiel sitting on that railing (it's a pic her dad took & turned into post cards for her to send out)