Saturday, November 29, 2008

Blasphemy on Several Different Levels

Wow, here's maybe the worst idea anyone's ever had. Paul McCartney and Jesus are both spinning in their graves.


DS Mark said...

Paul is alive. John and George are spinning.

On second thought, Paul is probably spinning after hearing this album!

Andy said...

Jesus is alive, too. Hence the joke.

DS Mark said...

Sometimes I'm slow to get it! :-)

Andy said...

No, it's a terrible joke. But, I stole it from The Simpsons.

Marc said...

1) How in the hell do you find this stuff? Wait - Amazon tracks what you look at there and sends you recommendations based on that...what the hell are you looking at? :-)

2) Well, at least you could get it for Pepsi points!

3) Bastard - now that I've followed the link to look at it, I will probably start getting hideous recommendations from them. Not that I follow them, I don't buy from them because they sell books and videos on staging dog fights. Cretins.

Word verification = zatingli. Use in a sentence: "I eez so excited, my wee-wee eez zatingli!" Ooh. I am so bad.

Gino said...

"they sell books and videos on staging dog fights. "

how would you know? what you been looking at? ;)

i didnt know that. i buy from amazon all the time. maybe i'll have to look elsewhere.

Andy said...

I was looking for albums of Advent chants and this was one of the "Customers who liked this album also bought:" suggestions. Can't believe anyone would pay for it!

It's not even Gregorian Chant, it's nothing close to it! It's just some guys singing Beatles melodies in homophony with terrible new-age synthesizer music. CHANT IS A CAPPELLA AND MODAL!!!!!! ARGH.

And possibly most infuriating is that this album does not even contain "Let it Be." WTF?

Gino said...

and i have a hard time imagining gregorian monks chanting 'love me do'.

kr said...

I actually kind of liked it--if it were actually produced with actual instruments and an actual choir instead of one pop-styling guy mechanically transposed into a "choir," I might even buy it. I think it captures well the inherent and amazing musicality of the John and Paul's work. Although I'm with Gino, Love Me Do was too much of a genre stretch. (The only other remakes of the Beatles I have liked were the the 60s acappella "Blackbird" and I vaguely recall a grunge 90s one ... mostly I think the Beatles ouvre should Not Be Touched.)

I was wondering if this was another installment of iTunes Genius FAIL, but I suppose iTunes has higher standards than this ;), and Marc must be right, it was Amazon. I followed a couple of Quinn's feminist literature/history links and now Amazon's bots are firmly convinced I am interested in all things Lesbian ... and cookware (from my one-time purchase of toaster oven pans). It's an odd combination ;).

Andy said...

KR, it could be worse...

And KR, really, no...I can't allow you to like this!!!

DJRainDog said...

Oh, it's sort-of harmless...If dreadfully misnomered. (Have I just verbed a noun?) It sort-of sounds like an Enigma album gone horribly awry.

Jade said...

I beg to differ... the worst idea ever (as far as musicians covering songs)

It makes me physically ill.

kr said...

! the idea !
! the production value !!
! I kinda liked it ... but then I like novelty songs. If he had actually committed to the meaning and the sense behind it, it could have been a really interesting performance (although it probably would have garnered him a scared audience instead of a
! standing O?!?
(I think the bongo player knew the actual song ;) )

DJR: ah, you've been hanging out with West Coasters too long ... verbing a noun ... be careful or you'll realx too much and lose that whole Xtreme Anger thing you've got going on ;)

Andy--points for you if you can guess which other olde buddy decided not to risk the slings and arrows of public disgust by stating that they kind of liked it ;).

And as for "worse," I dunno ... I've gotten some pretty raunchy suggestions combined with some works of straight-up rejection of the objectification of womyn ... and then a toaster oven. Or an Osterizer.

It's pretty disturbing ;). (Especially adding the occasional Catholic-based read ;). )