Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Mixed Blessings

Right now, my relief and joy that Barack Obama was elected president has been momentarily supplanted by distress that Proposition 8 in California appears to be passing. This country took one giant leap forward for civil rights last night, and one step back.

Still, there are reasons to be encouraged. That fully 48% of California voters said they were okay with same-sex marriage is a huge milestone and shows just how far the gay rights movement has come. Younger voters overwhelmingly opposed it. Our day will come.

More on this later.


Jeff said...

As we can see, it's very easy to amend the California constitution. So this is by no means permanent. The forces of tolerance will be able to try again soon.

Tim said...

Good thing the democratic party opposed it, or it might have passed in a landslide.

Color me less than impressed, another election cycle, another round of pile on the gays, and another batch of silence from democrats as they extend their hand asking for more money, cause they really feel bad but with just a bit more money I'm sure they could find a way to oppose it, NEXT TIME.

Andy said...

Yeah, well...what are we going to do? Vote Republican? We're between a Barack and a Hard Place. Ba-dum-pah. Thanks, I'm here all week.

pdxbassoon said...

I think it's almost time to renew the fight in Oregon. Andy, I don't think you were living in Oregon when our Prop 36 shamefully passed in 2004.

I intend to write my (Democratic) state legislator and say that the ballot initiative process needs to be changed in Oregon. We should not be permitted to vote people's writes away at all, period. Also, it should be much more difficult for people like Bill Sizemore to get his measures on the ballot. ;-)

I'm also imagining and hoping for a coalition to overturn Oregon's Prop 36 of Basic Rights Oregon, Defend Oregon, and an as yet non-existent coalition of liberal clergy in Oregon who are already performing same-sex weddings.

I was really impressed with the grassroots organizing Defend Oregon displayed, AND they got most of the Sizemore and Mannix initiatives defeated.

As for the clergy—unless I'm mistaken, the only rabbis now in Oregon who won't perform same-sex weddings are the Orthodox. I have a rabbi friend who will *only* do same sex weddings.

DJRainDog said...

Not acceptable! Not ac-fucking-ceptable! Fags, bash back, damnit! I am DONE with the bullshit in this country. If you give me any shit about my sexuality, I will give you my fist or my boot-heel in your teeth. (That includes you, family members.) Obama is a piece-of-shit liar with a serious double-standard on bigotry/prejudice who needs a serious viewpoint adjustment. And for record, though I NEVER want one myself, I, too, will only "do" same-sex weddings.