Monday, November 24, 2008

My New Mantra

So, I was just thumbing through a new book my therapist -- oh, yes, NEWSFLASH!, I am crazy -- anyway, my therapist recommended, and I was browsing through a page of affirmations. I misread "I am prosperous" as "I am preposterous."

I think I like that better.


Jeremiah Andrews said...

Sometimes a second pair of eyes and ears are good for us. You're too beautiful a man to be crazy...

What's the title of that book?


Andy said...

Oh...I'll keep the title of the book private; don't need y'all to know just HOW crazy I am. : )

But there's a lot rattling around in my head that I need help sorting out. I put it off for too long. And no, I'm not really crazy. I prefer to say, "Eccentric."

Jade said...

Don't rush to judgment until all the facts are in. *grin*

I enjoy being eccentric, it keeps Suburbanites at a safe distance.

(My word verification: snarc. Ha!)

Jeff said...

If having a therapist means you're crazy, then I've apparently been crazy on and off since college. Mostly on.