Thursday, June 08, 2006

Mr. Right

Aber der Richtige, wenns einen gibt für mich auf dieser Welt,
Der wird einmal dastehn, da vor mir,
Und wird mich anschaun und ich ihn,
Und keine Zweifel werden sein und keine Fragen,
Und selig werd ich sein und gehorsam wie ein Kind.


obliquity said...

Arabella found her Mandryka. One day, we shall. :-)

Anthony said...

Wir hoffen alle, ihn mal zu finden ...

Future Geek said...

Despite 2 and a half years of German in College, I could only understand some of this, so I went to Google.

Here's what I got:

"But the correct one, wenns one gives that for me in this world, becomes once dastehn, there before me, And becomes me anschaun and I him, And no doubts become its and no questions, And become blessed I its and obediently like a child. "

That was worthless.

But I think I get the idea, and I second what tony said.

Anthony said...

Right then, given Google's (admittedly interesting) failure to make sense of that, I'm going to give it a go myself. Andy, feel free to delete this message you want to maintain a sense of mystery about it all ...

"But the right man, if there is one for me in this world,
He'll stand there one day, in front of me.
He will look at me and I at him,
There will be no doubts or questions,
And I will be content and as good as gold."