Friday, June 16, 2006

Our First Night

Well, we're home.

I picked them up from their foster mother after work last night; it was clear she didn't really want to let them go, so that was kind of awkward. I thanked her for taking such good care of them and then headed off for the subway.

Apparently I need to take my kittens on walks through Chelsea more often. I don't think I've ever gotten more winks and smiles than I did last night while walking down 16th Street. Everyone wanted to see who was in my cage. We were very popular on the subway, too. (Thank the good Lord, there were seats!) People would peer in and say, "What a cute kitt -- oh, there's two!"

The girl curled up in the back of the carrier and stared into the corner; the boy stood valiantly at the front door and mewed. Of course, he couldn't be heard over the traffic and subway noise, but he looked very brave. About 125th Street he gave up and sat on his sister for the rest of the ride.

Once home, the first thing I did was show them the litter box. Then they started exploring the apartment. The girl made a few loops around, then headed for the bathroom...and squatted in the box. Yay! And then I thought, where's the boy?

He was hanging from the bedroom curtains.

Oh boy.

They still don't have names. The foster mother told me she had named them Rio and Chantal. Rio is okay, I suppose, but Chantal? I am not giving my princess a white trash stripper name. (Apologies to any Chantals reading this blog.) At the moment I think the list of potential names is headed by Scratchy and Bitey. It doesn't matter which is which.

After their dinner, I stretched out on the sofa to watch TV, though mostly I watched the two cats dart from one end of the apartment to the other, up this, down that, under here, over there. The girl likes to get on top of things and ambush her unsuspecting brother from above. The boy likes to hide under the bed and leap out at her. And my feet. Presently the boy leapt onto the sofa and curled up behind my knees and went to sleep. Then the girl (maybe I could name them Fresh and The Girl? If you're not reading Fresh Pepper -- start!!!) joined us and went to sleep in front of my chest. Awww.

At bedtime, I discovered the girl's favorite game is "chase Andy's toes under the sheets." Ow.

This morning about 5:30 I was awakened with a paw in the face, and opened my eyes to discover both kitties smiling and purring at me, rubbing their faces against mine. They had come in to wish me happy birthday! (32 today!)

No, I'm not that naive. I know cats. I know how they use affection to manipulate their owners. This is the "Oh, I'm ever so good and I love you so much and I'm going to purr and meow and paw you until you get your ass out of bed and feed me and then I'll go back to attacking your toes when you least expect it."

They were both fascinated with the shower. I have a clear shower curtain. The girl sat on the mat and stared, while the boy was obsessed with chasing the water as it ran down the curtain. He only fell into the tub twice.

They were equally fascinated watching me shave. Of course, while I was standing there, the girl took a jump and a swipe at, know...and I said, sternly, "That's not for pussy." True story.

Right now they are running around playing with anything and everything. Who knew a beer bottle cap could be so entertaining?

I will try to get some pictures of them, but they don't stay in one place very long.

Cats can live to be 18. That means I could still have these guys when I'm 50.



Mari said...

Aww!! Tales of new kittens are so fun! I remember when my kitty was young and hyper... I hope you find names for them soon!!

Based on their antics you could name them Jubei and Kagero (Main Characters in Ninja Scroll)

Have fun!!

Matt said...

Happy birthday!

Silus Grok said...

Happy birthday, Andy!


: )

You're pretty brave, though, letting them have the run of the house... most authorities suggest confining cats to a very small part of a house ( a bathroom, normally ) until they get their bearings... and then letting them out on supervised excursions of increasing length and frequency. When I got my cat, he was quaranteened for a week!

Jeff said...

I think this might be the absolute cutest entry I've ever read on this blog.

And happy birthday. Hooray for ages that are powers of 2.

Future Geek said...

Happy Birthday. Kittens are a lot of fun, two of them together will be a riot.

Jere said...

Happy Birthday!! What a nice present for yourself!

obliquity said...

First (and most importantly), I want to wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope your day is filled with surprises.

Secondly, I'm already in love with your kitties just from reading their reactions to their new habitat. (Hmmm...habitat--puddytat; nevermind)

I can't wait to see them when they're ready for their close-ups.

Crash said...

Happy Birthday, Andy!

Robert Bayn said...

They sound so cute, when i had my little Tigger about 6 years ago, she too was amazed with the shower thing, she could not let anyone take a shower unless she was in there.

Happy Birthday!

Anthony said...

They're going to be a lot of fun, you can tell, and not just on your birthday.

Many happy returns, Andy!

chiron said...

Happy Birthday!

I love Fresh Pep for the boy. [Love that naked glory story on Fresh Pepper's blog.] I'll toss in Lady Marmalade for the girl.

chantal said...

First off, happy birthday! second off, don't call me a stripper. I am an exotic dancer and adult entertainer, thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Boy and Girl sound adorable!

Happy Birthday to you :)


Elizabeth said...

Yay for kitties! And happy birthday! It's my husband's birthday today, too. He's 38 today. We went to a birthday party for one of my kids' friends tonight as well, and a good friend also has a birthday this weekend. My dear husband says that October must have been a good month for....well, yeah.

DJRainDog said...

I know it's a day late and a shot short, but happy birthday, Everybody-Loves-Andy. ;-) I'm in Maine for another week, but perhaps we'll see each other next weekend when I return? *smooches*

p.p. said...

Happy Happy Andy!

Nice post.

Two words: Cat hair!

Jade said...

Everyone wanted to see who was in my cage.
I don't know why, but that line strikes me as really, really funny.

Happy Belated Birthday - it sounds like the kitties are making a party for you even though you don't want to do anything "special".

If you want to get them to hold still for a shot, try dangling a piece of string just above the camera lens.