Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sunday Photo Blogging: Silver Falls State Park

Located a few miles east of Salem, Oregon, is Silver Falls State Park, one of the most spectacular places in the Pacific Northwest. Visitors can hike along the Canyon Trail, running about five miles through green, mossy, overgrown pacific rainforest, with spectacular views of 10 waterfalls. In some cases, the trails actually pass under and behind the waterfalls, a unique experience. I took many pictures here, so it was very difficult to narrow it down to just a few for the blog. This is North Falls. Posted by Picasa


Marc said...

Those are some lovely shots, Andy. When we were up that way, I wanted to get there, but we ran out of energy for such a hike before we got to that point. You had a some nice shots of Multnomah Falls, too - it was foggy when we were there so the photo opps were lousy, but it was pretty.

We missed you at the blogger barbeque! We hope to see you soon.

little-cicero said...

Andy, I think when you changed your profile you also changed the "Random Question" but your answer stayed the same. Consequently it makes no sense at all.

Andy said...

No, Clay was the name of the boy who sat behind me.

Quinn said...

Having known both Andy and Clay, I would say the answer makes perfect sense.

A, we're so going to Silver Falls when we come to town!