Friday, September 22, 2006

Do Unto Others?

From the Associated Press, filed 30 minutes ago:

PALU, Indonesia (AP) -- Christian mobs torched cars, blockaded roads and looted Muslim-owned shops in violence touched off by Friday's executions of three Roman Catholics convicted of instigating attacks on Muslims.


epicurist said...

"In god's name" is being used everywhere to cite retaliation. It infuriates me, so much so that I may have to post my own commentary. (sigh) there goes my blog hiatus. :P

Gino said...

not wanting to register to read the article, i didnt.

but let me just say this violence doesnt appear to be religious as it is ethnic.
in many parts of the world, most of the nonwest, anyway, you are known demographically according to your religion, not unlike tribal or ethnic affiliations. it doesnt mean that one is actually spiritually part of that faith.

pray to jesus/budha,allah or die, is religious violence. this isnt it.

a good example is ireland. it was never about protestant v catholic. it was about political and ethnic loyalties. what church you went to, or didnt go to, was just a symptom.

Zeke said...

considering the basis of the trial it's not unlikely that the mob felt the executions were religiously motivated in the first place, but Gino is right it's far more tribal than religious.
If only you felt so upset when muslims did the same. Some of us secularist think that it's better to live with Christians than Muslims anyway.

Andy said...

I am just incredibly saddened that a group of people who presumably refer to themselves as Christians -- regardless of whatever other cultural identities they may have -- can act in a way that is absolutely 180 degrees away from the message of the Gospel.

What happened here to turning the other cheek? What happened to, "Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you"?

I resent your suggestion that I am not upset about Muslim violence. The sad irony of the recent violent protests in response to the Pope's unnecessary and ill-judged comments is not lost on me.

I work in lower Manhattan, next to a gaping hole in the sky. I spend two hours a day on a subway. You'd better fucking believe I am concerned about Islamic extremists.

But I am also furious that there are so-called Christians out there feeding the violence and hatred. If America would ever get the courage to take the Gospel seriously -- yeah, I'm yelling at you, Red State America -- the threat of Islamic terrorism would simply disappear.

Andy said...

Oh, and I wanted to repeat what Gino said so astutely a while back: Muslims (or Christians) aren't the problem. Assholes are the problem.

Gino said...

hey the 'blue states' are every bit as guilty as the 'red states'.

and as for the pope's comments: i guess the emperor was right.

Gino said...

and i miss the photo bloggin for sunday.

when do you return to regular scheduled programing?

Andy said...

hey the 'blue states' are every bit as guilty as the 'red states'

How do you figure? Liberals recognize the value in our modern, diverse, pluralistic world, of having a secular society, yet because of that they come closer to the Gospel ideal. It's the conservatives -- the party of Katherine Harris, who said voting for non-Christians is legislating sin -- who are out there heavily supporting war and torture and dismantling essential social services in the name of safeguarding personal wealth. Where is the Gospel message in the conservative philosophy? WHERE?

And, I didn't have any exciting adventures recently of which there were any photos to post. Photo blogging may go on hiatus for a while, unless I want to dig into the archives. Though, I have been thinking about doing some more shooting just in New York -- in 13 years, I've hardly taken any pictures in the city.

Gino said...

hilary voted for the war, and NY liberals have voted overwhelming in her return, just recently.

i didnt know NY state went red.

thanks for the heads up.

Trickish Knave said...

I think that a person can only take a shit sandwich for so long before they lash out. You can't expect people to just sit and take the Islamic shitfits in stride and turn the other neck to have it sliced off too.

Please spare me the red state/blue state bullshit by marginalizing holier-than-thou attitudes to being liberal/conservative. That is the most baseless claim I have yet to read on your blog, Iraqi war posts aside. For every Katherine Harris you throw I'll throw a Teddy Kennedy. You were right when you said 'assholes' are the problem; assholes know no race, gender, creed, religious background, or color (to include a 2004 election bullshit demographic).

If America would ever get the courage to take the Gospel seriously... the threat of Islamic terrorism would simply disappear.

Please show me where appeasement to radical Islam has led to the fruits of world peace.

Andy. Buddy. I would like the Age of Aquarious to come rushing in but turning the other cheeks to Islamofacists is not the way to do it.

Andy said...

O, ye of little faith.

Trickish Knave said...

I have plenty of faith, however, wouldn't having a little faith be better than having no faith?

Taking a verse out of context to belittle the fact that turning our cheeks to an enemy that percieves kindness as weakness will only enable them to slice all the way across our throats is not very Blue State of you.