Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Beware January 30

Yipes. Maybe it's better to stay home today. Here are some things that happened in history on January 30:

1649: King Charles I of England beheaded.

1933: Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany.

1948: Gandhi assassinated.

1968: Tet Offensive began.

1972: Northern Ireland's "Bloody Sunday" massacre.

2006: ExxonMobil posts the highest quarterly and yearly profits for any American company in history.

And finally: Happy 66th Birthday, Dick Cheney!


Will said...


It's my birthday too.

Matthew said...


Looking at that list, I'd opt to stay at home, too (no offense, Will). ;-)

little-cicero said...

Well ultimately Charles I's assasination was one of the better events of English History. By advocating the Divine Right of Kings, he deflated it through gross incompetence.

As for Cheney's birthday gift, surely you're not denying that that rifle is a beauty! I would love to get a rifle like that. It's the kind of rifle you want to mount over your fireplace to symbolize your verility. Maybe it's just me. Notice the look on his face. I think that's the happiest he's been in the past six years.