Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Who Are the Final Five?

WARNING: Potential "spoilers" ahead if you haven't seen the most recent episode.

This past Sunday, on the first episode of the second half of the third season of SciFi’s Battlestar Galactica, Cylon agent D’Anna Biers beheld – or thought she did, at any rate – the five remaining “skinjob” Cylon models that have not been revealed, before her model was deactivated and her memory “boxed,” or placed into cold storage.

The identity of one of the final five Cylons seemed to surprise her very much. Who might it have been?

Admiral William Adama: No. He’s been active in the colonial fleet since the original Cylon models rebelled, long before they had developed the technology to impersonate human beings. He has, we presume, two biological human children. Because the Helo-Athena hybrid is supposedly the first of its kind, anyone with children is probably ruled out. Also in the miniseries, Cylon Leoben was overcome by radiation at the weapons depot that left Adama unaffected. And why bother shooting him?

Commander Lee Adama: Also highly unlikely, for the reasons given above. Do Cylons “grow up”? Do they age? We don’t know yet, other than to say we have never seen any models that weren’t adults. But presumably longtime friends of Admiral Adama – such as Colonel Tigh – knew Lee as a child.

President Laura Roslin: Probably not, since we know that Cylons are immune to disease and President Roslin had breast cancer, which only disappeared when she received a Cylon blood transfusion.

Dr. Gaius Baltar: Possibly…but then why the elaborate ruse of sending Caprica Six down to seduce him to gain access to the security mainframe before the attack? Why not just activate him?

Colonel Saul Tigh: Again, a military officer who has been involved in the struggle against the Cylons since before they developed the technology to appear human, so probably not.

Ellen Tigh: In her first appearance on the hilarious episode “Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down,” they seemed to make several suggestions that she was a potential Cylon suspect. She was executed for collaborating with the Cylon occupiers on New Caprica earlier this season, but if we see her again…we’ll know!

Chief Galen Tyrol: Possible, but see Helo below.

Anastasia “D” Dualla: Possible.

Lt. Felix Gaeta: Possible. It would be nice to have a handsome gay Cylon.

Karl “Helo” Agathon: No. He was the chosen subject of the Cylons’ first crossbreeding experiment. His daughter with Sharon “Boomer” Valerii, Hera, is understood to be the first (and so far only) hybrid. This casts doubt that Chief Tyrol or his wife Callie could be Cylons, though since the final five remain unknown even to the original seven, we can’t be sure.

Kara “Starbuck” Thrace: Alas, she gets my vote to be the secret Cylon who astonished D’Anna. She’s roughly the same age as Boomer, and, like Sharon, has only memories of a family but no actual family members (like the Adamas) that we have met. A Cylon identity explains why she is the top Viper pilot in the fleet, as well as why she so easily and quickly figured out the avionics of the captured Cylon raider. It would make perfect sense that she would be inserted into the Fleet Academy before the attacks to become a close confidante of the Adama family. Finally, in this most recent episode, we discovered that she has a secret, mysterious connection to the Eye of Jupiter, an icon located in the algae planet temple where D’Anna saw “the final five.” On the other hand, her capture by the Cylons on Caprica, when she apparently underwent some kind of operation or medical experiment in the breeding farm, would remain hard to explain.


Silus Grok said...


I haven't caught-up yet via iTunes... you need to warn us before posting spoilers!


* washes brain with soap *

Andy said...

It's not a spoiler if the episode has aired, LOL. Not my fault if you had something better to do on a Sunday night. : )

Matthew said...

I just bought a subscription to Galactica on itunes so I can watch it out here. I think maybe it is Baltar, because there is a strange seperation between those 5 and the others. Maybe they didn't want to activate him because they were watching to see what the others would do. I agree that anyone with kids or who had been a kid is probably out.

K-Lyn said...

I was on the Ellen Tigh bandwagon. I really hope she doesn't show back up but I see how it could work.

I think Gaeta would rock! Love him! but...It has to be someone big.

I was leaning towards Kara but then why have her revelation about her artwork and her destiny at the end. I would be disappointed if it were here.

It could easily be someone we've already lost. I want to go back and watch the early episodes with that in mind.

Andy said...

Whatever happened with Baltar's Cylon detector? He seems to have stopped scanning people after Sharon. You'd think he'd have tested himself. Despite that, I agree he's still a prime suspect.

I hope I'm wrong about Starbuck, actually, since I named my cat after her. Unless of course she turns out to be one of the rebel Cylons and saves humanity in the end or something like that.

The five remaining Cylons don't actually have to be members of the current cast, but I think based on D'Anna's reaction, ONE of them is, and, you're right, it's a main character. For the reasons I've listed, I think it's Starbuck. Her response "Forgive me, I had no idea" would be odd if it were Baltar, because they've been discussing that very possibility for several episodes.

Jess said...

I think I'd enjoy Starbuck being one of the five. She's such a pain in the ass in so many ways. It would be amusing if she turned out to be a Cylon.

If Starbuck is a Cylon, don't worry about your cat. Cats want to subjugate all of humanity, so it fits. ;)

Jade said...

I took Starbuck's artwork thing to be a connection to her strong religious feelings (the way she flaunts in the face of all authority except the Gods) And... if she were one of the "unknown 5" then the cylons would already know because of those operations they did when they had her on Caprica, and it wouldn't be a surprise.

Remember, Baltar did the Cylon test on Ellen and said she was human to the people, but then told the Six in his head "I'll never tell" (or something to that affect) And it was also intimated a few times that he had something like 16 years of repetative work ahead of him testing or cylons - so in theory all he did was sit and run tests all day long until he ran for President.

Mark G. said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Tom Zarek was one of the final five.

River said...

What about Billy? I think Billy is going to come back. I thought he was a really interesting character... but they killed him off so suddenly. It's possible...

Andy said...

It broke my heart when Billy died! Lemme tell 'ya, there was nary a dry eye in the room that night. He's too nice to be a Cylon. What a cuddly cutie he is.

Still, it's certainly possible. However, I don't think he would been that interesting a discovery for D'Anna.

Amy said...

Everyone seems to have forgotton about Anders.

How did he find Kara on Caprica.

How did he recover so quickly from his cold?

TRychor said...



Cylons are immune to disease?

What about that whole episode on them dying from a disease similar to the bubonic plague (in "A Measure of Salvation")?

Andy said...

Bravo! I didn't think of that. Okay, well, I guess Cylons don't get cancer.

Anonymous said...

since four of the final 5 cylons were triggered when they heard all along the watchtower, i am forced to conclude that bob dylan is the 5th cylon.

Andy said...

Boy, was I wrong, eh? Well, par for the course. I am really curious to see how they will explain the backstories of these characters. The Cylon technology to mimic human beings must be older than I had assumed. That's some plan they had!

Anonymous said...

"His daughter with Sharon “Boomer” Valerii, Hera, is understood to be the first (and so far only) hybrid."

You mean Sharon "Athena" Agathon. Boomer is the evil Sharon, the one who now helps Cylons (she was a sleeper agent and didn't know she was Cylon earlier).

Also, Colonel Tigh is one of the Final Five, as per the last episode of Season 3. I would have guessed that the Final Five would all be people without children (it's difficult for Cylons to breed, even with humans, right?). One part I don't get is, how can Tyrol be in the Final Five (again, part of the last episode) ?? If he is Cylon, then his child is another half-cylon half-human hybrid like Hera, in which case, why is Hera so special?

"Dr. Gaius Baltar: Possibly…but then why the elaborate ruse of sending Caprica Six down to seduce him to gain access to the security mainframe before the attack? Why not just activate him?"

You do realize that the seven Cylon models are not aware who the remaining five Cylon models are, right? There's some mystery surrounding why the Final Five are secret, even among other Cylons, and how they are "different" -- it's revealed that these Final Five "are not like the others", and in what ways they are dissimilar is unknown.

Anonymous said...

Think about this: D'Anna looked into the faces of all 5. One she recognized, so it has to be someone she's personally seen, else why apologize as she did. Now let's go back to Final Cut: who did she have personal, direct contact with? Just about every major character, but most can be ruled out, save one: Cat.


What was her name. Her REAL name, which she changed *two days* before the attack - involved in drug running which is how the Cylons infiltrated, according to Starbuck (in The Passage). Remember, D'Anna took interest in Cat losing it on 'stims' during The Final Cut. She's also the only one who doesn't have a history of any kind.

I think the "Watchtower" thing is a red herring. Besides - if those 5 really were Cylons, wouldn't they be activated by some other means than an *Earth* tune, which not even the cylons would know about?

Cat. You watch.

Anonymous said...

Hang on...there were only 4.

Where was the 5th?

Andy said...

Well, Ron Moore is on record as saying no, the characters revealed in the last episode of season 3 as Cylons really are Cylons. And yes, there are four of them. There is still one that is a secret.

Deena said...

I thought all five were revealed as being, anders, col. tigh, presidents assistant, tyrol and president Roslin

Matthew said...

For those of you discounting Baltar as the fifth cylon because they have not activated him (ie as opposed to using caprica/6 to infiltrate the colonial defences). Remember the 'real' cylons (ie the ones we have always known about), have sundered from the final five, the implication is some kind of civil factioning (maybe even a was in the past), they have no contact with the final five, they are therefore unable to activate them

As I type this I realise that they mentioned that the final five wanted to handle the humans differently from the current cylons, which is I think the reason for the schism

Joey said...

At least we know the nature of the Final Five, insofar as the creator has let us on:

We know they function differently, not like any other Cylon models: Tyrol with his pneumonia, proving that they are capable of disease. NB: It's not that Cylons ARE capable of contracting diseases, although in "A Measure of Salvation", they were affected by the disease. One could surmise that it affected them in a different way then it would affect humans, thus rendering both facts true: Cylons can get diseases, but they are not of the same nature as normal diseases, nor may they be affected by most human diseases. E.g., cancer, which we have come to learn that Cylon blood can cure (The reemergence of Roslin's cancer can easily be linked to the prophecy, proving two more points: Roslin will lead everyone to Earth, and she WILL die of cancer that can't be cured.) Furthermore, again using Tyrol as our subject, we know the Final Five can NOT be tested as Cylons (Gaius' test came up negative.)

As far as I'm concerned, the memories of the Four (Saul, Tyrol, Anders and Tory) are real, down to the tee. Moore defends this notion saying that Tigh was in two wars, ratifying Saul's memories of the first Cylon war as real. Furthermore, he brings up "What about Ellen", but we know that THROUGH Ellen, his memories there are real.

Someone brought up the significance of Hera, and then Nicholas. Well, here it is: Hera is the product of a known Cylon and a Human. Nicholas isn't. Nicholas is a Hybrid of a Final Five Cylon and a Human. We know that the Final Five differ from the Other Seven, in many ways. That's the significance. The way I've interpreted it, Hera represents the hope of Cylon/Human relations, and it also delves into the deeper question: Is it possible that Hera's existence proves Salvation? Even members of the known Seven Cylon models (well, only the two particular models, really) believe that Hera is of importance.

And finally, Starbuck: Why not her? Would it be odd for her to be the last Cylon? Not that she truly died when everyone thought she did. The resurrection theory doesn't suit me , since the Final Five aren't linked to the other 7. Moore also let fans know that the Final Five aren't boxed.

All in all, I think that the Final Five are ****ing Earthlings, in some odd crazy as twist (or at the very least, descendants of the Thirteenth tribe), and the whole nature of the Cylon race stems from some deep secret involving the Final Five.

But I'm crazy.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever considered that Billy could be the final cylon? It is a bit far fechted but he is quite odd in the miniseries he tells the president something like "It is only huma". And he kind of behaves like a child like he is still exploring this world. But it could be just me because im not that shore that this plot has been planned so from the begining.

Anonymous said...

What if the difference of the final 5 are that they are actually humans.

Once captured by the cylons, and using a variety of the replication technology the hybrids transfered a cylon presence into them.

Ty could have captured during the first war, sam while on the planet or before, etc...

Andrew said...

the chief, Ellen Tigh, sam,
Colonel Saul Tigh

Andrew said...

presidents assistent