Saturday, December 15, 2007

But Not Nice Manager

Sick and stuffed up as I am, I thought Vietnamese for dinner sounded like a brilliant idea. I stopped in at the place around the corner to see if I could get a take-out menu.

"No take out," the manager said to me. "This nice restaurant."

Well, all righty then.


Gino said...

i love vietnamese ffod.
do you do the fish sauce?

Rita Gorr said...

Obviously they didn't float across the Pacific on a picnic table just to open some second rate greasy take out joint.

Though a good Mexican-Chinese place sounds divine.

jwc said...

i remember telling my new to the city roomie that, you know, *every* restaurant delivers. They have to. People don't leave their apartments when it's not the spring. he was amazed at all the opportunities.