Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Home Run for Hillary

I think there's small chance Barack's speech will be anywhere near as good as Hillary's. Well done. No way, no how, no McCain. Sweet!


Gino said...

no offense, andy, but her speech was horrible.
she was obviously reading it. it wasnt natural. didnt sound natural.and the emotion was forced.
and came off as if she was speaking down to an audience of third graders.

it was the same as 90% of the speeches at every convention for both sides: fake and condescending.

listen to bill to hear how a good speech is supposed to be delivered.

Andy said...

Yes...BUT, Bill Clinton is a rare talent. I mean, he is a superstar.

As for Hillary, well...you know, I followed the primaries pretty closely. And you know I am no sycophant. And I really truly believe that this was the best speech she's given. It was the most engaged, animated, expressive and genuine presentation I have seen her give. And I can only imagine how hard it was for her; it doesn't compare, but speaking as someone whose life dream didn't work out, I have a certain empathy for her.

Gino said...

biden: saw his speech tonite.
thought it was pretty good in its execution.

you're a performance artist by trade.
dont you agree that most of these speeches are just plain poorly delivered?
every 4 yrs, i dont know why i bother to watch some of them.
so bad, it hurts.

Andy said...

OH, absolutely. Most of these people are terrible. This is why I DVR the convention, so I can fast-forward through the losers. Biden was pretty good...I was actually expecting a bit more roof-raising with a side of red meat, but I think he's the right choice for VP, given the field that was under consideration.

Quinn said...

I'll admit it... I was all verklempt.