Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Knock, Knock

Hey did you hear the one about John McCain and his seven homes?

Come on, Democrats. You're all taking the same cheap shot. Don't any of you have anything of substance to say?

(And wow, I am really glad right now Obama didn't pick Sebelius as Veep. BO-ring. And yet, positively riveting compared to last night's appearance by Pelosi.)


Jeff said...

I agree about Sebelius. I'd been hearing great things about her last fall, and then she gave the Democratic response to the State of the Union, and it was such a snooze.

I really want to hear these people rip into McCain. We know the Republicans will have no compunctions about ripping into Obama. Biden better deliver some juice tonight.

Gino said...

wait til the GOP gets around to repeating their same cheap shot next week.
it'll be enough to send back to the coast for another vacation.