Sunday, August 24, 2008

I Have a Sinking Feeling About This

This show on Discovery about whether Noah's Ark and the flood were real is absolutely terrible.


Quinn said...

I think I've seen that one!

Andy said...

Did you see the one where some scientist for no very good reason is standing outside bundled in a sou'wester in a howling rainstorm telling the camera that if in fact the entire surface of the earth ever became covered with water, there would be so much water vapor in the atmosphere that Noah's lungs would have collapsed from the air pressure? Talk about a kill-joy.

It seemed to take the premise that either it happened the way the Bible says, or it didn't happen, so let's trot out a scientist who will tell us why it *couldn't* have happened, therefore it didn't. Or something.

This sets aside two important things, to my mind. Thing the first, folks who are of a mind to regard the Bible as inerrant have never been and aren't about to start being dissuaded by "science." Thing the second, WAY TO MISS THE POINT. It's a little bit like interviewing a zoologist for a documentary on "Animal Farm" and having him speculate that it is highly unlikely that various kinds of livestock could ever organize themselves into a coherent society.