Friday, August 11, 2006

Can't We All Just Get Along?

God DAMN the world is a depressing place sometimes. Posted by Picasa


Matthew said...

You take some of the most precious cat pictures, Andy. :-)

They do help us relax a little, though. At times I wish I was a little kitty, oblivious to the major goings-on of the world around me.

Jarred said...

Yes, but at least the kittens will get done with their little spat and likely curl up with each other for a nap.

If only we humans had that capacity more often.

bythesea said...

I've run across two people posting cat pictures today. Loved the silouette.

little-cicero said...

Nice left hook from Rocky! Are you sure you didn't name him after Rocky Balboa?

Did Starbuck actually take that crap or did she hold her own by and by?

Andy said...

I named him "Rocky" because his mother was found out in Far Rockaway, by JFK airport.

Oh, Starbuck can definitely hold her own. She takes him down all the time. Hilarious.