Sunday, August 13, 2006

Reaching the southern end of San Francisco Bay near San Jose, fog appears. We have arrived. Posted by Picasa


RIC said...

What a pleasant flight across the continent! Thank you for flying... whatever! Memories came back clearly to me...

Gino said...

frisco is a beautiful place.
but i cant stand it.
too many people.

Andy said...

If you think San Francisco is crowded, try New York. ACK, I am SO SICK of waiting in line for motherf*cking EVERYTHING, aaaaaahahahahahahah!

Sorry. Sometimes that just comes out.

Nathan said...

Andy, what a cool plane flight and picture set. Before I had a 2.5 year old and lost the window seat, I'd always fly with my nose against the window. From the geologists' point of view it's:

Glacial till/moraines (NYC)
Glacial till, old seafloor (Ohio)
Old seafloor (Great Plains)
Cretaceous Orogeny (Rockies)
Sierra Nevada Batholith (Yosemite)
Disaster waiting to happen! (SFC)

Nathan said...

Oh, forgot Basin and range Extensional Tectonics (Nevada)

Gino said...


Basin and range Extensional Tectonics (Nevada)

"ugly" works for me. :)

little-cicero said...

Just remember: If you are going to San Francisco- be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.

Never mind. That might alienate you from the straight community. Oh wait- I don't think there is a straight community in San Francisco. Wear as many flowers as you like!

(: I hope this isn't tasteless, but it's a good song. I can't resist!

kr pdx said...

Nathan: Mmmmmm! I LOVE geology! Yummy :).

One has to admit, that's a healthier way to see the nation than "Blue State"/"Red State" ;). "Lots of I-ron!"--Bugs Bunny

kr pdx said...


I later realised what I should have said:

Mmmmm ... Nathan, you can talk dirt to me, anytime ;).

(It's a good thing for my virtue you didn't figure out you liked geology until college ;). )