Saturday, August 12, 2006

In a comment on the previous cat-picture post, Little Cicero asked if Starbuck was capable of holding her own against the much bigger Rocky. Yes. Yes she can. Posted by Picasa


RIC said...

First thing: cats were here when I arrived! Couldn't be better!
Second one: I read your comment on Tony's post about the cows in London, and I cannot agree more. We would certainly not be having the wars we are, if cows were to have the power.
Beautiful animals, those cats!
Thank you!

little-cicero said...

Starbuck: "I am woman, here me meow!"

This must be making feminists such as kr pdx raise their fists in the air.

Gino said...

andy, i have two about the same age. 5 mos now.
ted, the male, is decidely smaller than his sister, mamie.
and yes, he holds his own just fine.

she's bigger,stronger, and bolder.
he's quick,sneaky, and 'rat like'.

similar color pattern as your two, but white and tan, with bark ring pattern tails,like a racoon, and tabby streaks on the cheeks.

cats are an awesome creature. a true wonder of nature.

Gino said...

and a question:
how do you take the pictures with out the eyes glowing?
i keep having trouble with that.

Andy said...

Turn off the flash... my digital camera takes AMAZING pictures in the dark.

Gino said...

i'll have to see if mine can do that.
i'm using a 5.0 kodak.

kr pdx said...

Not so much, LC ;).

1) Not so into propigating violence.
2) Not much to celebrate in a girl (Starbuck) "winning" in a way entirely defined by a male (you).

I spent a lot of years "winning," as defined by our (historically patriarchal) society. I was so good at it I didn't notice until after college that (1) little of it was satisfying and (2) some of it was damaging.

There's more to feminism than "beat the males."


Cats, not being human, of course operate free of our human concerns surrounding such things ;). YAY!

Go Starbuck! Go Rocky! ;)!