Saturday, February 10, 2007


My project for this weekend was to clean out the file cabinet and pack up the stuff I have to keep but definitely won't need before I move.

Unfortunately it seems that in addition to bank statements, invoices, insurance statements and the like, I've also been keeping cockroaches in there. Ew! So I went off to the store this morning to pick up a can of Raid so I could gas the files before I pack them up and then spray out the file cabinet, since that's one of the things I'm planning on selling (at a bargain price!) before I leave.

I picked up the smallest can they had. I didn't really look at it other than to check that it said "Raid" and "Ant & Roach."

Apparently someone at SC Johnson had the bright idea of creating scented Raid. What a horrible stench!

I came home with "Country Fresh Scent." What I want to know is, which country? New Jersey?


Gino said...

does new jersey have a scent?
i always had the impression it was more of a stench.

Matthew said...

Hmmm, this can of raid smells so good, I'm going to just spray it around the house to freshen things up a bit...